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Earthworm Jim

Posted by TurtleGirl On May - 4 - 2010

Earthworm Jim, lala, lala, lala!

Earthworm Jim, published by Gameloft, is a fun and entertaining platformer on DsiWare. Earthworm Jim is just your regular laid back worm going about his daily business of eating dirt and taking life in his stride. But one day, while the weather was doing it’s best to pour down on this slimy wormy, out of the sky an ultra high tech indestructible super cyber space suit fell on his head, which caused him to mutate into a man sized semi intelligent super worm, which he was most delighted about. This special suit had been lost by the diabolical Psy–cow of course, a minion of Queen Slug-for-a-butt, who was planning to use this special super suit in her conquest to rule the universe.

pic 1

After overhearing Psy-cow reporting to Queen Slug-for-a-butt, Jim soon learns of her dastardly plans and her capture of the presumably beautiful, princess What’s her name. Vowing to destroy the evil queen and save the princess, Jim sets out on his worm quest using his pocket rockets. But many of the queen’s villainous henchmen still stand between Jim and his goal.

pic 2

During gameplay you can choose two modes which are normal, for people playing Earthworm Jim for the very first time, or original, for players who have played before. It’s been some years since I had played this game, so I opted for normal, which I’m delighted with as the game isn’t as easy as I quite remembered it. The player has control of Jim at all times and Jim can perform basic actions such as running, using his gun and swinging on hooks. Throughout the game you can pick up various power ups for his plasma gun. The game felt and sounded as good as I recall and the controls were simple.

pic 3

Most of your time is spent jumping from platform to platform, or trying to work your way across wires, so you don’t get eaten by the huge vicious dog like creature who is snarling below you, ready to chomp your wormy head off. Jim moves through each scene quite effortlessly in some areas, while other areas seemed quite tricky. There are some shiny hooks that Jim must whip at and jump at the same time as he swings through the air. This felt quite fiddly at times and caused Jim to go hurtling down below. Timing and patience is the key to progress through some levels. Jim is controlled using the control pad, while the A button is used to whip. The B button is used to jump or perform Jim’s special helicopter spin.

pic 4

Essentially, it’s a good game with lively animated sprites who are amusing throughout the game. You can’t help but have a little giggle to yourself while playing Earthworm Jim, or is that just me?. The Y button is used to fire with his plasma gun, but don’t worry if you run out of ammunition because there seemed plenty lying around. If the ammo goes below 100 while playing, then it will gradually and automatically increase back to 100. Scattered around the levels are plasma rounds. Each time you collect one of these, you get an additional 250 rounds of plasma power. There are also Mega Plasma Blasts, enabling you to essentially destroy anything you point it at. Every time you collect one of these, your next shot will be a mega shot, so be careful to aim properly. If Jim becomes low on health, there are energy orbs you can collect, which will increase your energy levels slightly or give you a full energy boost. Hidden throughout the game are famous Earthworm Jim heads, which provide players with an extra wormy life, always a bonus. If you’re lucky enough, you may spot a Can O’ Worms which will be awarded to you after you have accumulated 50 fuel rods and won at ‘Andy Asteroids’. This will grant Jim with an extra continue, which is good for 4 extra lives.

pic 5

In Andy’s Asteroids you get the opportunity to steer Jim’s rocket through a worm hole. This worm hole, which is filled with meteor rocks, is a special place where you can gather power ups. You can accelerate quickly through this level, but it’s quite hard if you want to avoid a head on collision with some meteor rocks.What I also like in this particular game is ‘Face Challenges’. This is where you can use the Dsi camera to replicate Earthworm Jim’s face. This is a fun feature that has been added to keep up with the humorous side of this title and will reward players with bonus points.

pic 6

Regardless whether you played this retro game ten years ago or you’re new to this famous arcade worm game, it’s great fun. The graphics are excellent and cutscenes are superb. This platfomer still ranks high in my list of games to play and gamers will have fun exploring the different levels within the game. Some levels can be tricky and may have to be played many times, where others are simple and easy. Players should embrace this incredible journey with Earthworm Jim and indulge in this humorous and funny title, as Jim is no ordinary worm.




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