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Posted by Tambo On May - 13 - 2010

An odour based adventure.

GentleMacho is developed by Distorted Kids and is available for 80MP on XBL Indie Games.

This single player, gentleman’s battle against his own rising stench surely has to be the quirkiest plot of the year! You play a tidy Edwardian gent who is cursed by the spirit of Manliness and turns from a skinny, weedy and polite chap into a hunky, hairy and daring Machoman!


Of course, no curse is without its downsides. Along with rippling muscles and a rather impressive chest rug, you inherit a heightened sense of smell, which means you are in danger of passing out from your own body odour! The solution? You must travel to four of the world’s freshest locations in search of samples that would make Glade Air Freshener bosses green with envy.


Unfortunately, whilst making the plot fun, someone forgot to make this game fun to play. Having extendable hair (including mustache) would have been exciting if you could control the direction of it towards your enemies and have varying hair attacks but it’s just one button for a short burst of length and this quickly becomes monotonous. You can jump or avoid enemy attacks by using your armpit hair to jump backwards and that’s about it and amusing as it is to have a flying shark that sounds like a rooster as one of the end of level bosses, it’s all just a bit predictable and basic. Enemies are either avoided or whipped, the landscape is flat with the occasional pit to jump over and you begin to look forward to him passing out.


The HD graphics are bright but are nothing special. Silent ‘movie’ sepia cut scenes with piano accompaniment remind you that this game is supposedly set in the Edwardian age but the levels are in colour and destroy all the illusion which is such a shame. There are games that succeed in having basic but interesting game play with a quirky plot and beautiful animation sustained throughout (the recent Misadventures of P.B Winterbottom is a great example, also available on XBL) but GentleMacho is not one them. A great idea, poorly executed.




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