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Posted by GG Goblin On May - 4 - 2010

This week we have Wario unleashing some of his dastardly microgames onto the Wii and DSi owners are asked to save the turtles and the Dodo eggs.


WarioWare: Do It Yourself – Showcase
Nintendo – 800 Wii Points

With the recent launch of WarioWare: D.I.Y. on the DS, it makes sense to bring some of the crazy microgame fun to the Wii as well. Sharing is caring after all.

This WiiWare title not only offers an exclusive collection of microgames of it’s own, but also adds the ability to transfer between DS and Wii. This will allow you to enjoy your microgame/comic/music collection both on the small screen and the big screen.


5 Arcade Gems
Nordcurrent – 700 Wii Points

A collection of five arcade games comes to WiiWare, offering something for everyone. Choose from Templar Bashing, Pizza Jungle Delivery Company, RC Buggy Madness, Lumberjack Trials or Whirling Rangers

Offering something that should interest every member of the family, this collection certainly looks like a bargain.


Mega Man 10 Pay & Play Add On Content

Additional content now available in game

Endless Attack Mode – 300 Wii Points
Special Stage 2 & 3 – 100 Wii Points each


Save The Turtles
Sabarasa – 500 DSi Points

A fun little game with a message. Players must travel to various exotic beaches around the world and give the turtles a helping hand.

uncover the eggs and then help the little guys to get back to the sea. Watch out for beach dwelling predators and man made hazards. Work through four different game modes and collect trophies to mark your achievements.


Surviving High School
Electronic Arts – 800 DSi Points

An interesting one here. What you get for your DSi points is basically a collection of text based adventure games, set in a school with all the appropriate social pressures. Within the collection players will find one Season and seven individual episodes.

It’s not all reading though, as there are a few mini games thrown in and a trophy system to monitor your progress. One for the Teens, I think.


Neko Entertainment – 800 DSi Points

This is the big one of the week for me. The poor Dodos have suffered a catastrophe! A giant wave has hit their beach side home and scattered the Dodo eggs around the island. Players must save the eggs by moving them through each of the 100+ levels back to their nests.

As if that was not enough, the player must also keep the eggs happy in order to complete these puzzles. Completing levels will unlock bonus levels and other goodies.


Simply Solitaire
Engine Software – 200 DSi Points

The name kinda says it all. Features more than 50 puzzles to keep the idle hands busy.

VT Tennis
Virtual Toys – 500 DSi Points

A tennis game on DSiWare that uses innovative stylus and touch screen controls. Work through a collection of different modes, including tennis school and world championship, to become the best.

Quite a full featured tennis game, there are different surfaces to play upon, tournaments to enter and the chance to improve your tennis pro.


Virtual Console

The King of Fighters ‘95
D4 Enterprise – 900 Wii Points

Classic fighting game from 1995 featuring characters from other such classic games as Fatal Fury, Ikari Warriors and Psycho Soldier. You know how it works.


Once again, DSiWare wins the day with at least a couple of possible purchases there. DodoGo! looks like it will be a lot of fun and Save The Turtles will go down well with the turtle lovers out there. WarioWare: D.I.Y. – Showcase is certainly one to consider for players who have already got their DS version.

Until next week, have fun!

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