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New for Nintendo!

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 14 - 2010

There will be some Bit.Tripping on WiiWare this week, along with a couple of ways to exercise your brain and a twin screen adventure on DSiWare.


Aksys Games – 800 Wii Points

CommanderVideo is back in this fourth entry in the Bit.TRIP series. With over 50 levels to run, jump and slide through, players are sure to be kept busy in this action platformer.

Besides the strange looking main character, this game looks set to be popular. Give it a try if you are a fan of the series or of platforming in general.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Pay & Play Add On Content
Capcom – 100 Wii Points

Available in-game


Murder in the middle of a stormy night. Two months after his assistant Maya Fey has left, Phoenix Wright needs returns to court again. Once more he will have to best genius prosecutor Miles Edgeworth to save the innocent. This extra-long episode will take Phoenix to all-new locations including the office of his eternal adversary!


QubicGames – 500 DSi Points

Race through the sky in one of six exotic locations, against both human and AI opponents, with 360 degree movement. The game features a variety of planes, with upgrades, power-ups and unique steering with the DSi stylus.

AiRace certainly looks good and seems to offer a new experience on DSiWare. Certainly one to check out, if you can.

Brain Drain
Enjoy Gaming – 500 DSi Points

A puzzle game for DSiWare that promises to drain your brain. I don’t know a lot about this game, but if it is the same game as the WiiWare outing, then it seems to revolve around moving blocks on a grid in order to make a particular pattern.

Not sure about this one. I am all for the puzzle games, but I am not sure how much this will have to offer on that front. There are three modes to play with; challenge, race and random.

Chronos Twins
Enjoy Up Games – 500 DSi Points

The game that the DS was made for? Control your hero in two worlds simultaneously, one in the top screen and one in the bottom. An exciting mix of action, platform, adventure and puzzle game.

With 19 levels filled with alien beings, hidden secrets and spectacular final bosses.


Fire Panic
Playtainment – 200 DSi Points

Guide your fire engine using the stylus by the quickest route possible to douse the fires that are springing up everywhere. Fairly simple idea, but that does not mean that it won’t be fun.

Sudoku Challenge!
Digital Leisure Inc. – 500 DSi Points

As if there were not enough Sudoku games around already. Sudoku Challenge! could be the last one that you need though, with more than 100,000,000 puzzles available. With three difficulty levels and a Grand Sudoku mode which challenges you to complete five intersected boards simultaneously, aswell as the standard nine-by-nine mode, there is something on offer here for all number puzzle fans.

Virtual Console

Ghoul Patrol
LucasArts – 800 Wii Points

More classic gaming on the virtual console, this time featuring the “alternative” ghostbusters. Vaporise all manner of nasties, including ninja spirits and garbage can ghosts, as you try to save the petrified librarians and other visitors to the library.


Another week, another batch of games available to download onto your favorite Nintendo system. Stars of the week are certainly BIT.TRIP RUNNER and Chronos Twins, offering something for the big screen and small.

Until next week, have fun!

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