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Posted by Bazaboy On May - 20 - 2010

Another relatively quiet week on the PSN Store with the highlight probably being the ModNation Racers demo and Download content, along with the demo of Electronic Arts latest in their series of golf games and a smattering of further download content, including the usual latest Rock Band, Guitar Hero content.


In a trend that seems to be becoming more the norm now, with EA being the first ones to announce it, what you are paying for here is  an entitlement which allows you access to the online features of the game. Before people get overly worried, this does not mean that you are paying this on top of the retail price. If you are purchasing a brand new copy of the game from a retailer, it comes packed with a code which automatically unlocks these features. If you purchase a second hand copy of the game from somewhere such as EBay, or a pre-owned copy from a retailer, the onetime use code that came with the game will no longer be valid and will require the owner to pick up this entitlement to activate the online features, which are the biggest part of a game such as this and so is pretty much a necessity. Now whether you agree with this practice or not is pretty much null and void, as it is here now and looks to be becoming more popular. So keep this in mind when buying a second hand copy of ModNation Racers, chances are good that you will need to shell out further chunk of cash for this code.



For those that did not get into the open beta a couple of months back, this is your first chance to give it a go and you will definitely not be disappointed. They have not gone easy on the demo as it allows you not only to sample the single player racing action, which is some of the most fun arcade kart racing you can have on a console, but also the multiplayer fun. With huge drifting action along with even bigger jumps and shortcuts, this crazy racing action can be found in both single and multiplayer. That is only the start, as the demo also let you play with the creation side of things allowing the player the ability to create their own racer and kart. The accessories and stickers are limited with only a small selection of what will be available to the player in the full game, but there are still enough options in the demo to allow players to create something original. As if that was not enough, the demo also offers the player the chance to try out the track creator. Laying down a track surface, decorating and populating it with scenery and wildlife, the sheep are my personal favourite. Once you have created your track, you can then take your kart out on it to play on your creation. I have to warn you though that once you have tried this game, as I did with the public beta, there is a pretty good chance you will want to buy it. Don’t say that I did not warn you.



The only golf I have played on the PS3 is Everybody’s Golf World Tour. For a more realistic take on the game there really is only one choice. I did consider buying PGA Tour 10, but I was never really impressed with what I had seen video and screenshot wise. I have to say the latest incarnation to me looks a hell of lot better than last year’s offering. There is no denying that this will be a hit because, to be honest, it is more or less the only golf game on the market and it is not really hard to see why. Does this mean I will be buying it? Well, no and EA have no one to blame but themselves. Anyone with access to a PC would be, in my opinion, as well to play Tiger Woods Online, which can be played for free albeit with a limited selection of courses, unless you pay the subscription. But the free courses are switched up weekly. Sure, it does not look anywhere near as good as its older console brother, but it does the job. I will of course be trying the demo and all of that could change. For golf fans and console owners this of course will be a no brainer and with the demo free to download you do not lose anything by trying it out.



The latest expansion pack for Dragon Age Origins allows the player to view the game from another angle. What if the forces of good did not win and the player was playing as the Darkspawn, leading the forces of evil. Although I have never played this game, a good friend of mine is a big fan of the title and has been interested to see how this plays out. I will surely hear about this in the near future as it is sure to please not only him, but all the other fans of the game out there.


In the first of what I can imagine will be many packs for Modnation, much like Little Big Planet, with drivers and vehicles being released pretty much weekly. Things are kicked off this week with the Van Man Pack, which I thought was a delivery driver, but I could not have been further off if I had tried. The van itself is black with some fancy graphics up the side. The van man can be best described as an old school news anchorman, like from the movie of the same name. He has the suit, perm, sunglasses and of course the moustache. Most humorous, but these are pretty pricey for what you get with the expansive customization options already in the game, will there be a large enough market for these?



Full Vehicle Unlock £2.39/€2.99
Track and Mode Unlock £2.39/€2.99
Master Unlock £3.99/€4.99

Split Second Velocity has released download content of the kind that I really do not agree with. You are basically paying to unlock features in the game which, in my opinion, is half the game itself. The vehicle unlock pack does as it says, unlocks all the cars in the game,  meaning the player no longer needs to save in game money to purchase them. The track and mode pack do the same but for the circuits in the game along with all modes of racing being made available for the players to play right off the bat. The master unlock pack, as you may have already guessed, unlocks all the vehicles, tracks and modes. I guess these packs are fine for players that wish to just enjoy the game without putting in any work. But to me what you are paying for is content that is included in the game already and the removal of the games challenge to unlock them yourself. Again it’s a personal choice and up to what the individual player is looking to get out of their games.


A Girl Like You by The Smithereens £0.99/€1.49
Only A Memory by The Smithereens £0.99/€1.49
Grateful Dead Pack 03 £4.99/€7.99
The pack contains the following tracks which can also be purchased separately.
Beat It On Down The Line £0.99/€1.49
Cumberland Blues £0.99/€1.49
Scarlet Begonias £0.99/€1.49
U.S. Blues £0.99/€1.49
Throwing Stones £0.99/€1.49
Touch Of Grey £0.99/€1.49


Aerosmith Track Pack £4.39/€5.49
This pack contains the following tracks which again can also be purchased separately.
Livin’ On the Edge £1.59/€1.99
Love In An Elevator £1.59/€1.99
Rag Doll £1.59/€1.99

And now, as usual, we wind things up with videos and themes. The main video available is First Play Episode 7, which is also now downloadable in Ireland as well as mainland UK, and can be purchased for the price of £0.99/€1.20.

Also in the videos section for your viewing pleasure are -

Soldner-X 2 Final Prototype Trailer
Medal Of Honor Announce Trailer
FIFA 10 Ultimate Team Returning User Tutorial

Themes and wallpapers are also on short supply this week with only -

Aqua Panic! Spring Theme £0.79/€0.99
Soldner-X 2 Final Prototype Wallpapers 1 and 2 free to download.

And so that wraps things up for another week and I am off to play the hell out of Red Dead Redemption. At last I get to play a decent Western game. Hope you all have something fun to play until the next store update. I wish you all a great week and happy gaming.

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