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Weekly XBL Update

Posted by Tambo On May - 7 - 2010

This week for me, it’s all about sound! After listening to all the jibber jabber of the politicians, it’s time to tune into something else and there’s some awesome classic rock tunes available plus a ‘No Doubt’ feast for the ears in the Game Add-Ons section whilst there are plenty of Indie Games providing a whole host of perfect, chill-out remedies to take our minds off all this election commotion.

In the arcade this week:

Raystorm HD – 1200MP

A mix of the original 1996 vertical scrolling game play with snazzy new HD graphics await in this classic shoot-everything-that-gets-in-your-way flight game. Two lock on laser systems (one to the front and one for below) means nothing should stop you from cruising in your fancy R-GREY fighter plane through the 8 stages on offer in order to save the world. Well, that’s not quite true as dying lots is standard procedure. Things tend to get pretty frantic and before you can cry “not again!” you’ve died again. Still, there are plenty of continues if you’ve got the patience and it’s a colourful one to revisit for those that remember it from the first time round.


Zeno Clash – 1200MP

When this game first came out, most people had a problem with how weird the artwork looked and interestingly, how bizarre the story was. You play Ghat who is on the run after killing his Father-Mother (a giant hermaphrodite of course). Gradually you get to piece together exactly what happened as events unfold through a series of flashbacks but don’t be fooled into thinking that this gets in the way of what this game is really all about – it doesn’t. For insane bear knuckled (not to mention elbows and knees) fighting fun, check this out and remember: If in doubt, knock it out!

Zeno Clash 3_600x450

Elsewhere to buy:

Rockstar Table Tennis – £14.99

Rockstar have concentrated on making a smooth, accurate and totally addictive sporting delight. The movement of the players is subtle, realistic and is where all the graphic beauty of this game lies. Don’t expect your usual Rockstar treatment of huge and lavish environments or tongue in cheek dialogue – this is serious game playing and the focus is all on the techniques around the table. You will gradually learn all about top spins and how to execute the perfect serve as this game is all about recreating the speed, atmosphere and skill of a real table tennis match. A surprise from Rockstar – absolutely and it does beg the question, what can’t they do?


Prince of Persia – £19.99

As we await the latest PoP title to hit the shelves this month, what better chance to remind ourselves of one of the Prince’s earlier adventures. Join Elika as you travel around healing fertile ground and ridding the Persian world of a deadly plague in order to save the tree of life and prevent the evil god Ahriman from forever plunging the land into darkness. From the same makers of Assassins Creed and with some stunningly painted visuals, PoP was easily one of the best games of 2008 which makes it my recommendation of the week.

Brothers in Arms:  Hell’s Highway – £19.99

Set in WWII, the plan is simple, a troop of American Soliders (the brave men of the 101st Airborn Division), fresh from their victory at Normandy need to transport some trucks up a highway before they can make their way home for Christmas. Of course, we’re in the middle of Nazi Germany here and things don’t go to plan. Some exciting, gory and gritty action with lots of realism thrown in but as the story involves established characters and directly follows on from previous titles perhaps this one for those who are already familiar with the series.


Add-Ons now and it’s time to ROCK!:

Guitar Hero 5 has three new awesome classic rock tracks, all of which are 160MP each or can be bought as a Track Pack for 440MP:
“Sweet Home Alabama (Live)” by Lynyrd Skynyrd
“Juke Box Hero” by Foreigner
“Take the Money and Run” by Steve Miller Band

Rock Band has a No Doubt banquet of tasty tunes for 160MP each:
“Different People” by No Doubt
“End it on This” by No Doubt
“Happy Now?” by No Doubt
“Hey You” by No Doubt
“Sixteen” by No Doubt
“The Climb” by No Doubt
“Tragic Kingdom” by No Doubt
“World Go ‘Round” by No Doubt
“You Can Do It” by No Doubt
All of the above are available in a ‘No Doubt Tragic Kingdom: The Deep Cuts pack’ for 1200MP or you can go the whole hog and buy the ‘No Doubt Tragic Kingdom: The Album pack’ for 1600MP which includes all of the above plus:
“Am I Crazy” by No Doubt
“Still Alive” by No Doubt
“Dreaming of Love” by No Doubt
“According to You” by No Doubt
“Dearest (I’m So Sorry)” by No Doubt
The above five titles can also be bought singly for 160MP each.

Mass Effect 2: Equalizer Pack – 160MP

Good ole Commander Shepard. Not content with having saved the galaxy from the Reapers in the original Mass Effect title, he’s stepped up again to teach them a lesson and this time, he’s recruited some help. Brilliant a soldier as he is, gadgets are what make the man and this pack delivers to Shepard’s armor locker: a Capacitor Helmet which stores power for kinetic barriers, allowing Shepard’s shields to recharge faster, an Archon Visor which manages omni-tools and biotic amps, reducing the recharge time of Shepard’s powers and Inferno Armor which speeds up Shepard’s movement and increases his tech and biotic power damange. Stress analysis software also gives him an edge in negotiations outside of combat. There’s nothing that can stop this guy now!

Finally, Indie Games and there’s some relaxing, literary and quirky titles to mention.

Ambient Water – 80MP

I’ll be honest with you, this isn’t exactly a game, more of a simulation program but is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day shooting things on the Xbox. There are six water sounds to listen to: waves on a beach, falling rain, babbling stream, boats in the docks, waterfalls and sounds from under the sea. Each is designed to be calming and is accompanied by a huge picture representing the sound, making you feel a million miles away from your front room. A holiday for only 80MP – bargain of the week!

Moon Taxi – 80MP

This is a great idea and again it’s a game but not as we know it. You are the pilot of a Moon Taxi where every passenger has a story to tell. Drive through space collecting dust and words in order to unlock fares and hear the next unique story, all of which have been selected by submissions made on the moontaxi.org website. Starting with “Take Me to the Moon” writers visiting the site are encouraged to tell the story of why the passengers are going to the moon and pieces can be in any format, from noir monologues, musical duets, beatnik poetry, jazz ramblings etc up to 2 – 7 minutes long. You can still submit your pieces to Moon Taxi – and remember to take the GGUK flag with you!


GentleMacho – 80MP

This is just fun, fun and more hairy fun! Unlike most traditional gentlemen with distinctive facial foliage, you play GentleMacho who has been cursed by the spirit of Manliness. With your new heightened sense of smell and a hunky body covered with hair you can extend at will, you get to whip your enemies with your giant mustache as you battle to find samples from four of the freshest places in the world before you pass out from your own hairy stench! With high definition graphics and sepia “silent movie” inspired cut scenes, this game looks great, even if it doesn’t smell so great!


And on that note, I’m off for a soak!

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