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Salt And Sanctuary On Switch August 2nd

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Who’s The New Pokémon?

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Katamari Damacy Reroll announced for Nintendo Switch

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Posted by Tambo On May - 28 - 2010

What a fabulous and plentiful month May has been – it’s like the harvest festival for Xboxers. We’ve seen plenty of glorious sunshine and plenty more amazing titles released. The end of the month (payday) is finally here and as always there’s plenty to spend your hard earned cash on in the arcade this week:

Doom II – 800MP

Including split screen co-op over XBL, this is one spectacular Super Shotgun ride to hell! Enlist your friends to shoot through 9 all new levels in the new episode “No Rest for the Living!” and get your double barreled, pump action blaster working overtime. Don’t expect great storylines but do expect fabulous amounts of bloodshed and explosive monster action as you battle to save Earth.


Voodoo Dice – 800MP

Countless hours of fun on offer in this action based puzzle solving adventure. Choose to roll your way through 60 single player levels or play Race (cross the line first), Flag (keep yours away from everyone else), Tactic (be nice, take turns) or Arcade Mode (destroy more dice than everyone else) in the multiplayer option. It all sounds good but you could also save yourself a whole host of MP’s and head over to the indie game section in search of an equally good copycat puzzle game and play Doom II if you really want some action.


Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of Hex – 800MP

With the most impressive watch in the universe, play as Ben who, using said fancy pants watch can transform into 10 different aliens including Big Chill, Spider Monkey and for the first time ever Lodestar. Battle through 15 levels against horrible Hex as he plans to control the earth by using your special alien powers to overcome tricky traps, challenges and villains and save the day.


Elsewhere to buy:

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat – £19.99

Wage modern war your own way. ‘Hot Swap’ your way across Kazakhstan as NATO and China battle it out. Armed to the hilt with an array of weapons, work your way into enemy territory and eventually stop evil terrorists from blowing up the world. Although there is some good story telling in the single player campaign with rewards for a variety of missions including infiltration, protection and escorting, Multiplayer is what this game is really all about and offers two modes – ‘Conquest’ where you can play as either NATO, China or the newly formed Middle East Coalition and you have to capture the most flags of those available on the map or ‘Capture the Flag’ which is more of a scaled down version of a map where you have to steal the other teams flag. Both versions are explosive plus you get full control of the 30+ vehicles in the game. Enlist in an online 24 player/13 map war for total combat craziness!


Battlestations Midway – £19.99

We’re back on the battle stations for more air and sea action but this week we’re in the middle of the Pacific during World War II. Similar to Battlestations Pacific (click here for a reminder), it looks amazing and it’s as thrilling as it is frustrating. The battles are fierce and I guarantee you‘ll be seeing a lot of the pacific from the ocean floor when you sink. It takes time to get used to the tactical side of the game which is an important element if you want to progress and imperative if you want to stand any chance of success in the epic online battles. A great action strategy title and if you’re going to pay to play war this week, this would be my recommendation.


Add-Ons now and as ever, Rock fans won’t be disappointed:

Rock Band has some Pantera titles at 160MP for your ever expanding music library:

“Floods” by Pantera
“The Underground in America” by Pantera
“Sandblasted Skin (Reprise)” by Pantera
Or if you’re feeling flush, “The Great Southern Trendkill” Album by Pantera for 1280MP
(NB. Album does not include all the album tracks: “Suicide Note Pt 1” didn’t make it to the game but still a great price for an almost complete album).

Not a Pantera fan? Then check out what’s available for Guitar Hero 5:

“Falling Down” by Selena Gomez – 160MP
“Here We Go Again” by Demi Lovato – 160MP
“7 Things” by Miley Cyrus – 160MP
All of the above can be bought as a Band Hero 1 Track Pack for 440MP.

Just Cause 2
Black Market ‘Boom’ Pack – 160MP

Any Add-On that has Boom in the title is bound to catch my eye and you get some really hot weapons with this one including a Quad Rocket Launcher that combines a rocket launcher with a shotgun (oh yes, Boom is the word), a Cluster Bomb Launcher which is grenade launcher that is one small but mighty weapon of mass destruction (definitely one for the ladies) and finally an Air Propulsion Gun which apparently was originally designed as a jet engine but was repurposed as a beautiful weapon (hooray). Carnage at a tiny MP price – love it!

Buku Sudoku
Puzzle Pack 15 – 160MP

For those of you wanting a little less Boom and a little more Ahhhhh, you can extend your Buku Sudoku skills with 1200 new puzzles. Four grid sizes, three difficulty levels, two modes and one happy girl gamer!

Finally, Indie Games and this week it’s addictive fun up for grabs:

Amoeba Generator – 80MP

Details were published in the media last week of the synthetic cell advances made as part of an artificial life form research project and as we all know, genetic engineering is the future. Get ahead of the pack with this appropriately timed indie game. Explore the microscopic world of the amoeba with 7 unique stages including the Virus, Atomic, Defensive, Colonial and more. Control your amoeba and go from one microscopic organism to an intellectual amoeba able to control hundreds of amoebas. It looks fun and will help you with your science homework or inspire you to become the next Arnold Wesker!


Classic Baker’s Dozen – 80MP

Some people are addicted to Sudoku, for other’s it’s Bejeweled Blitz or FarmVille. I’ve tried all of these, however in my opinion; you can’t beat a classic game of solitaire. On whatever platform and wherever I am, I have to have my daily solitaire fix or I get very cranky! Now it’s on XBox, I doubt I’ll have any time to do much else as will surely get way too addicted to this. My boss won’t like it but I think it’s good to see a classic game well presented (you can customize your background for ultimate me time) and I’m already hoping for a huge score.


End of the weekly update and end of the month. To top it all off there’s plenty more gaming hours on the calendar as it’s a Bank Holiday Weekend! Stoke up the BBQ, grab a cool drink, unplug the phone and play, play, play!

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