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Table Top Racing: World Tour On Xbox One In March

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Battlefield V Official Single-Player Trailer

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Final Fantasy Explorers Launch Trailer

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Rack n’ Ruin Coming To Switch In March

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Are you a Virgin Gamer?

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 17 - 2010

Chances are that you are not a Virgin Gamer. Not in the sense that I mean. And not yet at least. But surely the idea of winning some cash for playing your favorite video games is something that may make you consider joining Virgin Gaming?

Not afraid to turn his hand at anything, Sir Richard Branson arrived at E3 in a style that we have all come to expect. In an armoured car filled with $1 million of cold, hard cash. Why? Well, why not? But also because that is the amount of money that the newly launched Virgin Gaming will be giving away in the coming year, through a variety of big prize gaming tournaments for console gamers around the world.

Gamers can win a share of this massive prize fund by heading over to Virgingaming.com and registering for the official Virgin tournaments.

“Gamers want something new, something interactive and something fun. Virgin Gaming is just that – access to play the best games in super competitive tournaments with anyone in the world and win the biggest prizes and the most rewards,” said Sir Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group, and gamer-in-training.  “Giving away over $1 million in cash and prizes this year is proof. We’ve had great success with Virgin Games and Virgin Interactive Entertainment and recognized the enormous potential of an online community of 40 million daily users.  I welcome gamers from novice to expert to join the online Virgin Gaming community.”


Virgin Gaming is a convergence of video games, social networking and competitive online gaming, and comes by way of a ground-breaking partnership with WorldGaming.com, which was co-founded by best friends and ultra-competitive gamers, William Levy and Zack Zeldin.  With the help of a games industry veteran and now CEO of Virgin Gaming, Rob Segal, the duo quickly developed the site into a template for online competitive gaming, which has been lauded by gamers for its secure transactions as well as a host of robust functionality that includes automatic results verification, a skill ratings system that creates a level playing field by matching players of like abilities, and a reputation management system that makes good sportsmanship a pre-requisite for gaining access to the biggest and best competitions and prizes.

“The entrepreneurial spirit and philosophy for fun and innovation shared between World Gaming and Virgin was critical in the creation of Virgin Gaming, and we are eager to maximize its potential with the online gaming community,” said Rob Segal, CEO of Virgin Gaming. “With Virgin Gaming, we’re offering members more than just a place to compete. We’re offering them the best, safest and most secure online experience with the fresh, fun approach Virgin is known for.”

Adds Virgin Gaming President, Billy Levy, “Gaming is very competitive by nature, and competition is always more exciting when there’s something on the line.  There are plenty of tournament leagues out there for the pros, but we created Virgin Gaming as a platform for all gamers to have the experience of playing each other with more at stake than just pride.”

Virgin Gaming Reveal_600x400

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  1. Vinnie Berdes Said,

    Virgin Gaming is not alone now… I tried at other ones too, and some are better than Virgin, I guess. Good – check: for Black Ops and major FPS titles: http://www.gamersaloon.com, for Halo 3, COD 4/5/6 & Streetfighter: http://www.galaxy4gamers.com , for sports-only titles: http://www.rivalspot.com , – and compare… they all offer cash tournaments and good bonuses too.

    Posted on February 4th, 2011 at 5:55 pm

The Last Campfire Gameplay Trailer

Posted by GG Goblin
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