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Crysis 2 Preview

Posted by FuryAc3 On June - 30 - 2010

With E3 having just past, this week’s preview is going to be a look at one of the games that not only was being shown at the show, but was also playable on the show floor and is penned to be a smash hit this October on 360,PS3 and PC.We are going to look at Crysis 2 and how it’s going to set the console world alight with its first console outing and its return to the PC.


Crysis was set in the near future and saw the action centred around a group of super-soldiers deployed on a mission to a fictional Pacific island called Lingshan, to rescue a group of scientists from the North Korean troops who were holding them. The first part of the games action focused on sneaking and being as stealthy as possible, and fighting was mainly with enemy troops and the occasional bit of local wildlife, which was standard spec-ops fair. But the second half of the game was spent killing aliens after you find out what the Koreans were doing with the scientists.


Crysis 2 is set in a new location this time out. It is no longer in the deepest darkest jungle, but it has moved to the urban jungle of New York. It will also see the return of the Nanosuit and sporting the suit this time out will be Crysis hero Jake ‘Nomad’ Dunn, though it seems he may be mistaken for Prophet, the mysterious squad leader from Crysis. Due to this Crynet Systems will be hunting you down. On top of this you’ll be fighting off an infestation of aliens that have opened up shop in the Big Apple.


New York is a massive playing area compared to normal FPSs. The urban decay is round every corner. Newspapers litter the streets, discarded taxis stain the empty streets between the monster sized potholes caused by the constant barrages of rockets fired into the heart of the city,  in an attempt  to stop the onslaught of the alien infestation. That’s where you end up, bang in the middle of it. Also a key part of game play will be the vertical dimension of the city, as Crysis 2 will let you play with height, from the tallest skyscrapers to the seediest sewers of the big apple, in the same way a free runner would see the city. All of this tale has been penned by Richard Morgan, a man who not only knows his words but knows his games.


The Nanosuit was one of the stars of the show in Crysis and it returns to Crysis 2, though it’s come with some upgrades. This is key to combat in Crysis, in that it lets you play the game any way you want. The new Nanosuit has a secondary power system which is different for each of the main powers the suit has. For example, Stealth will let you improve your targeting and agility, but this will increase the amount of energy your suit uses and when it is gone, your suit turns back to normal mode. So there is a new style for all the original 4 powers, which means there are now 8 powers to get to grips with.

Your Nanosuit has 4 main modes; Stealth, Speed, Strength and Shield. These strategic modes give you not only the upper hand but the options to fight any way you want. So you can use stealth to locate your enemies and, when it kicks off, you can use shield to turn into a tank and then, before the dust settles, you can use speed to make your getaway, as you run faster and can jump higher.


On top of being shown at this years E3, it was also announced that the game would ship in 3D, which is going to make a truly stunning game look even better. Although the cost to enter this 3D world is going to be steep for most gamers, with 3D TVs starting at around the £1700 mark.

So that was a quick look of the next instalment of one of the greatest looking game series of all time. But for all the latest news and info, be sure to check back in and don’t miss the full and in depth review later this year.

Suit up!


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