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F.3.A.R. Preview

Posted by FuryAc3 On June - 7 - 2010

Be afraid!

With E3 only a week away, this week’s preview is another one to watch at this year’s show. To be safe you best read this one from behind the sofa because we’re going to look at F.3.A.R, which is the third game in the F.E.A.R series and will bring the events from the first two games to a close and will finally bring the mystery of Alma to light, in this fear inducing climatic instalment.


So, for fans of the series, you’ll have a rough idea of what horrors await you. If you’re new to the whole F.E.A.R scene, then here’s a brief F.E.A.R 101 history lesson to fill you in on it. If you are planning to play the games, I would say skip the next two paragraphs because it’s going to be heavy with spoilers.


So F.E.A.R stands for First Encounter Assault Recon and that is what you were, part of a secret unit dedicated to combating paranormal threats to national security. In the first game you played as Point Man, a member of the team sent into Armacham Technology Corporation after Paxton Fettel took command of a battalion of telepathically controlled clone super soldiers and killed all its occupants. Things soon start going wrong and you are haunted by a little girl in a red dress, who is Alma. She is the driving force in the game and the story is based around her. But, to cut a long story short, at the end of the first game you find out that Alma had two sons and that they where Paxton Fettel and Point Man.

In the second game, you play as Sgt. Michael Becket, who is a member of an elite squad who are sent in thirty minutes before events in the first game take place, to extract a C.E.O of Armacham Technology Corporation for the city of Auburn. Yet again things go sour, but this time you find out that Alma is now pregnant with Becket’s child at the end of the game. The scene is set for the third game, Alma’s baby is on the way and the world is plunging deeper into turmoil.


The third game will be developed by Day 1 Studios, in collaboration with Monolith. Day 1 Studios developed the first game and then handed the game over to Condemned developers Monolith and now the two developers have teamed up to bring F.3.A.R to life. Also the story for F.3.A.R is scripted by Steve Niles, who was a writer for 30 Days of Night, and the in-game cinematic will be directed by the legend John Carpenter, who’s worked on films like Halloween and The Thing. So things are really shaping up for F.3.A.R to be the most terrifying game yet in the series.

As for game play, F.E.A.R has always been a FPS and it’s sticking to it’s roots this time out, though from the first trailer of the game, which was 95% live action and 5% game play, it looks like it will be a heavy co-op affair, with the two brothers teaming up to stop Alma and her new child from destroying the world.

The co-op isn’t just a standard affair of having a clone that fights beside you. One of you will play as Point Man and he plays as a normal FPS style using guns. The other player will play as Paxton Fettel and this is where things are going to change just a little, because Paxton is dead so he can’t uses guns. But he has paranormal powers which will let him pick up and throw objects at enemies and help Point Man to survive the onslaught. He can also possess the bodies of enemies, allowing him to use standard FPS fare. If Paxton dies in this form, he dies for good, answering the question about killing the dead twice.


On top of just having different fighting styles, the story will be told very differently between the brothers, depending on which one you pick. There will be scary jump-points that one can see and the other can’t and Paxton will even be able to see parts of the level that Point Man can’t, so he can take a different route through the levels, as well as seeing weapon caches that can help out his brother along the way.


So that was a quick glance of the next instalment of one of the scariest game series of all time. For all the latest news and info be sure to check back in and don’t miss the full and in depth review later this year.

Hold me!


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