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GamersGate Specials

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 24 - 2010

My apologies for missing last week’s specials, there was some big show going on that had all of my attention. But now we are business as usual, and that means a new collection of special offers and pre-order deals from our favorite Digital Distribution Portal, GamersGate.

kalypso week

What a week it is for special offers. Firstly it is Kalypso week, with some mammoth savings on games from this Publisher. Valid until 27th June  -

AGON The Lost Sword of Toledo – 50%
Broken Sword Twin Pack – 50%
Broken Sword 2 – The Smoking Mirror – 50%
Broken Sword 3 – The Sleeping Dragon – 50%
Campus – 50%
Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty – 50%
Commandos Behind Enemy Lines – 50%
Commandos 2 Men of Courage – 50%
Commandos 3 Destination Berlin – 50%
Commandos Behind Enemy Lines / Beyond the Call of Duty – 50%
Ceville – 50%
Creatures Exodus Mac – 50%
Creatures Village Mac – 50%
Darkstar One – 50%
Grand Ages: Rome – The Reign of Augustus – 50%
Hired Guns The Jagged Edge – 50%
Hollywood Pictures II – 50%
Imperial Glory – 50%
Imperium Romanum – 50%
Imperium Romanum the Conquest of Britannia – 50%
Imperium Romanum Emperor Expansion Pack – 50%
Imperium Romanum Gold – 50%
Imperium Romanum Wilds of Germania – 50%
Kart Racer – 50%
King’s Bounty Gold Edition – 50%
Patrician 3 – 50%
Patricians & Merchants Box – 50%
Port Royale 2 – 50%
Praetorians – 50%
Star Assault – 50%
Time of Shadows – 50%
Tropico 3 – 50%
Tropico 3 Absolute Power Expansion Pack – 50%
Tropico Reloaded – 50%
Tropico Pack – 50%
Truck Racer – 50%
Winter Challenge 2008 – 50%
Ziro – 50%

warhammer sale

As if that were not enough, there is also a sale on Warhammer games. Also valid until 27th June  -

Blood Bowl Dark Elves Edition – 50%
Warhammer 40k Dawn of War Complete Pack – 50%
Warhammer 40k Dawn of War Dark Crusade – 50%
Warhammer 40k Dawn of War Gold – 50%
Warhammer 40k Dawn of War Platinum – 50%
Warhammer 40k Dawn of War Soulstorm – 50%

Another difficult week for me to make a recommendation. So many good games. Broken Sword, Tropico, the Warhammer 40K collection, they are all great stuff. But in my mind there is only one choice -

Blood Bowl Dark Elves Edition – £14.97

The video game version of the famous table top fantasy football game. This game follows the rules of the table top game perfectly and offers nine playable races, turn-based or real time game modes and even online leagues. Need I say more?


Some interesting pre-order offers are still available -

Medal of Honor – Instant beta access
Disciples III: Renaissance – 10%
Reign: Conflict of Nations – Pre-order and get Stalingrad for free!
Tidalis – Beta access + 10% discount on AI War: Fleet Command, AI War The Zenith Remnant or AI War/Zenith Remnant Pack
Air Aces Pacific – 5-20% discount depending on your member status + Beta Access
Amnesia: The Dark Descent (PC& Mac) – 10% discount

The release of Disciples III: Renaissance is a no brainer here, but that could just be because I was a huge fan of Disciples II. Turn-based RPG strategy at it’s finest.



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