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Modnation Racers (PSP)

Posted by TurtleGirl On June - 8 - 2010

Small screen kart racing action.

Modnation Racers on the PSP is one of those games that I got very excited about. Since seeing the first trailer last year, then hearing the announcement that it will be coming to the Sony handheld, I have been longing for this game. This game has so much customization, it is amazing. There’s everything from creating your own mod racer and kart, to creating your own awesome tracks using tons of creation tools.


Creating your own track is simple with the easy to use track editor, which allows players to pick from four environments. You can make your track drive through these surrounding areas and can even raise and lower terrains. Add jumps so your Modnation Racer can perform tricks and stunts while in the air. Provided you’re happy and satisfied with the track that you’ve created, you can then upload it to the community to share with other players. Here they can rate it or even download it, which is pretty awesome because there are some marvellous tracks out there.


Although I happily play Modnation Racers on the PSP, I couldn’t help but notice that the handling was a bit clumsy. Either that or I’m a terrible driver. I constantly hit walls and missed weapon picks up when I tried my best to start drifting. I’ve played Modnation racers on the Playstation 3 and PSP, so it’s safe to assume that I can make the comparisons. Unfortunately the PSP falls short when it comes to solid gameplay. It’s hard not to make the comparisons but it’s inevitable when you played both. The Playstation 3 wins hands down, although still a little clumsy on the control system.

That’s not to say that the PSP version isn’t nearly a perfect game. On the PSP Modnation Racers has very polished graphics which make it the perfect eye candy on the handheld. The game boasts great cut scenes with a small storyline and it’s very enjoyable collecting special power ups to blast your enemies off the tracks. Drift as often as possible to fill your meter and enable a boost that could see you speeding towards the finish line.


The weapons consist mainly of lasers and missiles which can target your enemy and blast them to kingdom come. You have to make sure you use your shield, which is also powered by filling the meter, otherwise you could be blasted from behind. This game is also about a battle of wits and reactions. It’s hard to recognise what you’re being attacked with and how fast you can react to that. Although you can boost within the game which comes in handy, it took me a while to get the hang of drifting. I was forever flying off the tracks as I vaguely attempted to drift my way around the corners. The game isn’t as responsive as I had hoped it would be, which left me feeling a bit short changed. Although the PSP version tries to recreate the kart racing experience, the controls are a little difficult and sometimes stiff.

It could be argued that the most important aspect of this social kart racing game is the online capabilities. The sharing of created content is fairly simple and straight forward, and racing against other players is well implemented, both locally and across the net.


Modnation Racers is impressive on the creative front, but falls flat on it’s face when it comes to the driving. The racing feels a little flat, there’s never that true element of speed when going around the tracks, and the drifting was a real cause for concern. I love it when games that are made on the main console make the transition to the handheld, but there is always a down side to having your favorite game go portable. I did enjoy playing Modnation Racers on the PSP, but it wasn’t everything that I was expecting. In the end it just didn’t make the grade.




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