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Monster Mayhem

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 1 - 2010

Like Friday night at pub kicking out time.

Monster Mayhem from  Chillingo on the iPhone takes a potentially apocalyptic situation and makes it look cute. Monsters are rising in the local graveyard and it is up to you, the grave-keeper, to stop them from leaving.


Wave upon wave of frankly adorable ghoulies and monsters will approach from the right and attempt to reach the gates. Once the gates are compromised, the monsters escape and it is game over, and possibly bye bye civilisation. No pressure then.

Luckily you have a collection of weapons with which to beat back the approaching hordes. The player begins with a simple knife and pistol. The knife is used by swiping repeatedly across the screen, effectively slashing the monster until it finally gives up the ghost. This takes a little bit of time and effort but has the benefit of unlimited use. The pistol on the other hand makes short work of any attempted escapees. Tap the monster in question to fire the gun, although the player should be aware that the aiming is slightly off, but this is actually explained in the game and can easily be adjusted for.


As the player progresses, coins will be dropped by the fallen fiends that can be collected and used for buying new weapons, more ammo and even upgrading the weapons effectiveness. There is a nice selection of different weapons to use in the uprising, with the very dramatic flame thrower being amongst the best. Ammo is limited though and will need to be topped up in between rounds.

To start with, the player has only to deal with a very simple zombie type creature, but new types of monsters soon decide to join the horde. Each new monster that makes an appearance is accompanied by a card that explains the monsters strengths and weaknesses, helping the player to choose the correct weapon. Each of these beasties are finished in a colourful cartoon style with a seriously cute look.


This cuteness is carried on throughout the game. Although the killing of these monsters is accompanied by some suitably grizzly effects, such as blood spewing and severed limbs, one cannot help but find the game childish. This is not a bad thing and should make the game appeal to the child within. Little touches, such as some of the fast moving werewolves turning into fluffy little puppies, only serve to emphasise this fact.

The game looks both bright and colourful, despite the night time setting, and is finished to a high standard. The sound effects in the game add to the “gross” factor, with some lovely squelching noises at the appropriate times. Playing along in the background is some graveyard inspired spooky music that sets the scene well.


Whilst the game could be loosely classed as a tower defence title, none of the usual strategy is present and the game is not exactly deep. What it is though, is a great fun, tap and swipe time filler. It is fairly compulsive and enjoyable, ideal for a quick hit gaming session, maybe whilst on a bus? Probably best to keep the volume down though, people may get the wrong idea and you don’t want to be responsible for making small children cry, do you?



Monster Mayhem is available here for just £1.19

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