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Odd Society

Posted by Tambo On June - 21 - 2010

Odd Society from ODD1 Inc. It’s a bit odd.

I heart building games. There’s something relaxing yet intriguing about them. It’s the challenge of sourcing the right materials or cash to build your dreams, which usually results in making other characters happy that I really enjoy and though Odd Society comes nowhere near in having the same content or trials that SimCity or even say Rollercoaster Tycoon has, it is in fact a happy little surprise.


Odd Society is a simple point and click title where you play bald-headed Odd Boy who has been nominated by his nearest and dearest to build a new village after their desperate escape from the evil grey Factory Tower where they were enslaved. Now free in the lush green world, Odd Boy must gather tools and resources in order to build homes, warehouses, bridges and laboratories.

Creating the new village is incredibly simple; talk to the folks in the village and find out what their needs are. This could be wood or bronze for building their house or an item to help them realise their dream – climbing ropes, frying pans or carrots! Give the people what they want and in return, they will give you what someone else wants. Near each person is a building site that gives you a list of everything you must collect in order to carry out the construction work. Searching for and collecting resources is also very easy. Approach a tree or boulder, select the right tool for the job and chop away then store everything neatly in your little backpack (which has a very unfortunate sound effect – as Odd Boy bent over to pick up yet another log, I couldn’t help thinking it sounded like he was undoing his pants….).


Some of the resources you’ll need are tucked away at the farthest corner of the map and there will be baddies (giant evil toads and slug like creatures wearing red berets) to deal with if you want to get you odd hands on them though as the emphasis here is on family fun, they’re not too hard to overcome. There’s no levelling system when fighting baddies and some are quite tricky but you can make a range of weapons where selecting the right one will give you an edge on your foe. Once defeated, each baddie will also leave you something you can use to fulfil your quests.


Though undemanding in terms of content and controls, this game is undeniably charming and perfect for tranquil gaming on a Sunday afternoon. I thought I would find the point and click element frustrating or dull as the number of clicks you have to do to select items in your backpack or move around the village is enormously laborious but actually this just encourages you to take your time, think about the quests and plan your route through the game. Getting on with the task in hand without complaining is what this game is all about. The music is catchy without being intrusive, repetitive, inappropriate or annoying whilst the animation is enchanting. You can dip in and out of the odd world and come away feeling unruffled as progress comes at a welcoming steady pace. Aimed at all the family, it doesn’t dumb down it’s content for the younger audience and remains straightforward in it’s tone and message – this is easy, enjoyable fun that you can take your time with – bliss!



Odd Society is available from GamersGate


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  1. Jamie Said,

    A great fun game. Love the music, love the graphics, and it’s fun to play. Unlike many of todays RPG’s (EG Warcraft) the world actually changes in response to what you do which helps the immersion (In many MMO’s a static world is necessitated ..after all, if you really DO kill a boss forever or destroy a bridge, what happens to the next player? )

    I’d classify it as an action RPG with major building elements (Odd Boy (you) has to assemble a town all by himself.)

    PS IT has nothing to do with OddWorld.

    Posted on January 8th, 2011 at 4:27 pm

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