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Posted by Bazaboy On June - 4 - 2010

So this week I have been playing almost nothing but Red Dead Redemption, as have the majority of other people, or at least the ones on my friends list. Who can really blame them, it is a stunning game and I have not even touched the multiplayer stuff yet, so I think it can only get better. but now it’s time for another PSN Store update and a little break from playing cowboy. I bring to you the latest PS3 updates available to us. It is again a relatively small update, much like the last few weeks, but most gamers should find something of interest here, be it one of the two new games available or some content for an existing game.



Title pretty much says it all here, or at least you would think so anyway, from the makers of the fast paced pinball game Zen Pinball. Try to imagine that fast paced action gameplay brought to a crazy golf game in which you have to bank your shots off walls, through obstacles such as tunnels, loops, bridges and more. On top of that, the courses can be littered with objects just to get in your way. Scoring is much like you would expect from a golf game, get your ball in the hole within the required number of shots for each of the nine holes that make up each course. Bonus points are however awarded for pulling off trick shots, such as bouncing off walls or getting a hole in one. Winning games also unlock items for accessorizing your character, but much more fun is the fact that there is a course editor in which the player is given access to basic tools. Pretty much drag and drop to place sections of pre-existing courses together to make up your own custom courses, which can not only be played by the creator, but also published for others to share and play and a potentially never ending source of courses gives the game plenty of longevity.
The full game is available to buy, but for those who are not 100% sure there is also a demo available to download for free.



Imagine your stereotypical post apocalyptic future in abandoned cities such as Paris and London. Now add to that mental picture some high performance street racing cars and, just to finish it all off, strap a huge mounted weapon onto the roof of said vehicle and let the racing and destruction commence. That is pretty much it, you take part in a series of races, from do anything within your abilities to get the win style racing, to no weapons straight up racing. The first thing I thought upon seeing shots of the game was that it looked like the Twisted Metal series. But in fact it plays more like Wipeout, only in regular cars on normal roads, although that is where the similarity ends. Where the game falls short is though, is the absence of any sort of multiplayer. It would have made all the difference here. However there could well be enough here to keep some people happy. It would have been nice if, like Planet Minigolf, we had a demo of this one.


A Demo for the forthcoming latest Rockband release based around a single band. This time that band being American rockers, Green Day in which the player can play as part of the band themselves, much like they could in the similar title based around The Beatles. The demo offered here gives the player the chance to play two full tracks from the band, Welcome to Paradise and Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, spot on for both Rockband players looking to expand on the game or for fans of the band themselves.


Hamsterball is a game that was released on the PSN Store a few weeks back and involves the player taking control of a hamster inside a plastic ball which they must then guide through a series of races and events, both single player and multiplayer. Now you have the chance to give the game a go before deciding on whether or not to buy the full game with this here free demo.


LOST PLANET 2 MAP PACK 2 £3.99/€4.99

Recently released Lost Planet 2 is already receiving love from the developers in the shape of Downloadable content and this week brings a second map pack giving players two new multiplayer maps to fight it out over. The first is a brand new map but also a location seen in the games story mode and is titled Dockyard Battle which gives you an idea of what to expect, warehouses and machinery abound. Always fun to fight in no matter what the game. The second map is a reworking of a map from the original Lost Planet game, Frozen Wasteland which, as you can imagine, means snow, snow and more snow.


The Dead To rights GAC pack not only includes both the previously released Jack Pack and Shadow Pack but also the new Assault On The 87th Precinct – a brand new mission that gives the player the chance to play as the enemy, GAC, as they take part in said assault. Also included is Riot Control mode which has players fighting off waves of bad guys, which increase in difficulty, as Jack and Shadow. A great deal if you have not yet picked up the Jack and Shadow packs and if you do have these packs already, it is still a pretty good deal.


Another free download pack for Way Of The Samurai 3. Free stuff is always good and this time it is a weapon part set allowing the players more opportunity to customize their weapons with around thirty new weapon parts. For free, you cannot really beat that and so there is no excuse for owners of the game not to pick this up.


A new addition to Sackboy’s ever increasing wardrobe comes in the shape Tag, the story mode character from fellow play, create, share game, ModNation Racers. Perfect for when our lovable burlap sack chap finds a death defying vehicle in one of the many player created levels.



Hustle Kings, the premier pool game on the Playstation has had it’s fair share of great content already, both paid for and free. But this one is particularly cool as it brings a whole new game into the mix, Snooker. So a great game has just got even better. Hustle Kings is probably one of the best playing pool games around and so those game mechanics being implemented in a snooker game in my opinion is a great thing. If you do not own Hustle Kings, now is a great time to pick it up with the wealth of cool Content being released for it.


The classic bat and ball game with the player knocking down the bricks gets itself a little new content in the shape of World Map Pack. As you can imagine, the screens are based around world locations and does a good job of adding a bit of longevity to the game.


Judas Priest British Steel 30th Anniversary (Album) £7.49/€10.99
Alive by P.O.D. £0.99/€1.49
Spoon Pack 1 £3.49/€5.29 Which includes the following track that can also be purchased separately…
Don’t You Evah £0.99/€1.49
Got Nuffin £0.99/€1.49
I Turn My Camera On £0.99/€1.49
Trouble Comes Running £0.99/€1.49


Stone Temple Pilots Track Pack £4.39/€5.49 Which includes the following track that can also be purchased separately…
Between The Lines £1.59/€1.99
Plush £1.59/€1.99
Sex Type Thing £1.59/€1.99

Also music wise this week, the soundtrack to the game Shatter has been released for download in the store for the price of £3.99/€4.99.

Video wise this week, along with episode 009 of First Play keeping us up to date with what is happening in the world of Playstation for the price of £0.99/€1.20, there is a selection of trailers available for our viewing pleasure.

Blacklight Tango down Teaser Trailer
Blacklight Tango Down Madness Of War Trailer
Pure Football Announcement Trailer
2010 FIFA World Cup Official Trailer

As usual things are wrapped up with wallpapers, themes and avatars, which this week are as follows:

3D Dot Game Heroes Theme (free download)
Soldner-X 2 Final Prototype Wallpaper 5 (free download)
Soldner-X 2 Final prototype Soldner-X 2 Avatar £0.45/€0.49
Soldner-X 2 Final prototype Avatar Bundle includes all five avatars £1.19/€1.49

And with that we have the PS3 update on the Store. Hopefully there is something there to grab everyone’s attention and hey, if there is not, then just do what I plan on doing – saddling up and playing a lot more Red Dead Redemption. So until next week, happy gaming all.

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