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Posted by Bazaboy On June - 10 - 2010

Another week means another PSN store update and along with the usual chunks of game content we also have a full game that I personally have been looking forward to. It looks to be full of crazy Nitro Circus style motorcycle fun. There are new Little Big Planet costumes along with content for SKATE 3, Buzz Quiz and much more. There is also a decidedly World Cup theme going on, not only with National anthems being added to Guitar Hero 5, but also World Cup themes to show support for your team on your PS3 system.


Joe Danger is a PSN game that I have been looking forward to and from the looks of things it is not going to disappoint with its cartoon style gaming. The player takes control of Joe, guiding him through his career as a motorcycle stuntman, as he jumps, flips and loops his way through the tracks laid out before him. From a not quite side on view, the player accelerates along a straight track negotiating obstacles all the way by jumping, hopping and ducking under stuff.  It’s almost like a platform game with the player controlling a little motorcycle. The game also has local and online multiplayer, with up to four players in a game racing each other at once. But playing the game is only the start of things. Joe Danger jumps on board with games such as Little big Planet and ModNation Racers, albeit in not so much detail, with a level creator and editor. Because the tracks are basically straight lines, it comes down to dropping ramps and various obstacles and tricks where you choose and, once you are happy with your creation, it can be uploaded for friends and others to try. This is one I will definitely be trying out soon, so look out for a review here on the site.



I have written about Soldner-x 2 Final Prototype over the last few weeks in these updates, so in a moment I am just going to copy and paste what I said about it when it was originally released. Before that I will mention that this time it comes as part of a bundle with the original Soldner-X game, which was released a few months back. It is basically the same kind of game play as the new title, which is described here.

Soldner-X 2 Final Prototype is like it’s first incarnation, an old school side scrolling arcade shoot ‘em up best likened to the classic R-Type. If you know what that game involves, then you know what to expect from Soldner-X, which has pretty amazing graphics. It’s the kind of game where you shoot absolutely everything that moves and if it does not  move, just try shooting it anyway, while dodging anything that is shot at you. As you play though, you power up your weapons and craft while fighting off waves of bad guys and the occasional huge boss. On top of the story mode you get additional modes such as the Survival Modes in which the player has to fight through a certain number of stages without losing a life. Classic arcade shoot ‘em up action, great fun that will keep your attention for plenty of time.



As Little Big Planet is so fond of doing, here we have another costume kit based on another great PS3 game. The kit includes costumes based on the four main characters from Heavy Rain: Ethan, Madison, Jayden and Shelby. It also includes an origami figure costume that Sackboy wears like a giant hat, which is most humorous due to the suspicious red stain on one point. But do not worry, our burlap friend has not gone all homicidal, as is pointed out with an arrow designating it as jam. The kit can be purchased as a bundle or as single costumes should you only want one or to of them.


SKATE 3 MALOOF MONEY CUP 2010 NYC £3.19/€3.99

The Skate 3 Maloof Money Cup 2010 NYC is the first content pack released for the game, not counting unlocks for content that was already part of the game. What you get here is a brand new skate park based in Flushing Meadows, New York – the site of the 1964 World’s Fair – which has been converted into a huge skate park full of new challenges for the player, as well offering the player the chance to take part in the Maloof Money Cup contest. The pack also includes new trophies that can be earned from the game. The perfect pack for fans of the game looking for more new challenges or even just a new area to skate in.


clash Of The Titans also gets a download content pack this week in the shape of the Apollo’s Challenge Quest Pack, which allows the player to play through three new quests to defeat beasts from Greek mythology. Those quests are titled Tyrant Of The Swamp, Two Headed Wolf and Sleeping Bull Of The Labyrinth. As well as playing through these, players can obtain new weapons and rare items throughout the quests. Pick it up if you own the game and are looking for a bit more of an adventure.


And for the third or fourth week in a row we get another Super Street Fighter IV costume pack. This week it includes alternative costumes for the following characters: Juri, Cody, Ibuki, Adon and T. Hawk. I wonder if they will eventually release all of these costumes in one huge bundle, once they have all been released. Other than that, there is not much to say here apart from Street Fighter Fans buy, download and enjoy.


Another new question pack for Buzz Quiz. It is good to see that they keep releasing the packs, meaning the game is kept fresh with new questions. This time the new questions are all about the life and times of celebrities. Who is married to David Beckham? I do not know. Well, that’s me out then.



There are two Eyepet styling packs available for owners of an Eyepet this week and even better is that one of them is free. First up is the Robot Styling Pack. Most of these packs include around three costumes for your pet, along with accessories, so it does not take much imagination to figure out what you get here. The same goes for the Football Fan Styling Pack, which you can download for free. You can’t really get better than that and it is perfect for getting your Eyepet ready for the world cup.


Rock Ready by Crown Of Thorns £0.99/€1.49
The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls £0.99/€1.49
Deftones Pack 1 £2.49/€3.99 Which includes the following tracks that can also be purchased separately.
Cherry Waves £0.99/€1.49
Minerva £0.99/€1.49
Hole In The Earth £0.99/€1.49


National Anthem Pack Free Download. These tracks can also be downloaded separately.
God Save The Queen
Il Canto Degli Italiani
La Marseillaise
Lied Der Deutschen
The Star Spangled Banner


Do You Really Want To Hurt Me £0.79/€0.99
It’s Not Unusual £0.79/€0.99
Rio £0.79/€0.99
Tainted Love £0.79/€0.99
Thank You £0.79/€0.99
Twist & Shout £0.79/€0.99
Virtual Insanity £0.79/€0.99
You’re My Best Friend £0.79/€0.99

Video wise this week there is FirstPlay Episode 010 £0.99/€1.20. I have not watched this episode yet, but I have found every episode up to this point has been pretty entertaining and so I reckon this one will be just as good. Along with that there is a selection of videos and trailers listed below:

Kane And Lynch 2 Dog Days Fragile Alliance Trailer
Kane And Lynch 2 Dog Days Arcade Mode Trailer
Kane And Lynch 2 Dog Days Cops and Robbers Trailer
Kane And Lynch 2 Dog Days Undercover Cop Trailer
Aliens Vs Predator Heritage Trailer
Aliens Vs Predator Dev Diary
Soldner-X 2 Final Prototype Gameplay Video 1
Soldner-X 2 Final Prototype Gameplay Video 2

Last, as usual, is a run down of themes and avatars added to the store beginning with:

EyePet Summer Theme £1.59/€1.99

Also added this week for you football fans and the upcoming world cup, are a whole series of team themes each costing £1.59/€1.99 and the teams include:

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Paraguay, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and USA.

There are also two new NBA team themes added after the initial collection a few weeks back. They are NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Theme and NBA Dallas Mavericks Theme and these can be yours for £1.19/€1.49

And rounding things of this week is a selection of EyePet avatars.

Bubble Monkey Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Food Bowl Icon Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Pet In Bubble Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Pet Jump Happy Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Speaker Avatar £0.20/€0.25

And so that brings the PSN Store update to a close for another week. I am off to blow up more virtual stuff and drive cars and bikes like a lunatic. So, until next time, I wish you all joy joy feeling and happy gaming.

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