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Red Dead Caffeine – Part 5

Posted by Bazaboy On June - 28 - 2010

With the horse relationship guy now a distant memory, can things get any stranger? This time Bazaboy will have wings.



Well, I could not do an article like this without including one of the most well known and biggest selling energy drinks around nowadays. So we finish up the testing with Red Bull. I imagine this will perform as well as Relentless, if not better, but again only time will tell.


Tonight’s gaming kicks off in style with the first hour of play taken up with a huge assault on a fort. A great way to start a gaming session, packed full of action and ensuring I am wide awake and raring to go. At the end of this fight I find myself heading across the border for Mexico, and this is the moment I realise how big the game world is. It’s a really nice point about the game. Yes, it’s huge and you would think that the empty spaces would be boring. But even riding through them to get to a destination never really feels dull. Unless it’s five o’clock in the morning and you are riding across the country with your eyes drooping, as I have found out throughout these gaming sessions.


Before heading over the water, I decide that once again I will clean up all the side missions I have active. These seem to pile up without you even realising it until you stop and check. I am looking to have these cleared up before crossing on the ferry with a clean slate and picking up more of them over the water. Just for fun I pick up a bounty mission also. It is beginning to look like Mexico is being put on hold for now as I work on these objectives. Then at half past twelve I open my first can of Red bull for the evening.



With the Red bull helping keep me awake, I put the missions and bounty on hold as I spot a wild boar and remember I need to kill some of those for a hunting challenge. This, in retrospect, was a bad idea, as it sets me off on a hunting spree to try and track down more Boar and Armadillos. It is not long before this hunting trip take precedence over my other current missions. After killing the correct number of  Wild Boar, my searching for Armadillo begins to become frustrating.


Giving up on the hunting, I decide to keep my eye out for any armadillo as I continue on my merry way through the active side missions. As I finish my first Red Bull, it is hard to tell if I am still awake and alert because of it, or if I am just not tired at this point. But seeing as I am awake I carry on and eventually collect my bounty and clear up the last few remaining missions. I find myself beginning to ride towards the ferry crossing, continuously scanning for the elusive Armadillo. No amount of Red Bull can keep me from losing my mind at these damn little animals. It’s a slow journey as I become obsessed with trying to spot those critters.


As I start the ferry crossing I crack open my second can and sit back to enjoy the ride as we float across the river. Of course, this was a mistake and I really should have known better, I have been playing the game long enough now to know that nothing such as this ever goes smoothly. So I find myself floating down river, involved in a fire-fight all the way with some crazy Mexicans on the far bank. It’s a fun fight, but what is even better and perks me up no end is that at the end of the trip and after setting foot on Mexican soil, the very first sign of life I see is an Armadillo, then another and another. They are everywhere. The hunting challenge is complete and frustrations are taken out by killing way more of the little buggers than I really needed. Well into my second can now and although there is a little bit of tiredness sneaking in, I am still awake and alert and more than happy to play on for a fair bit of time yet.



I ride into a lovely little Mexican town as I finish my second can of Red Bull where I meet a new character, an old school gunman, who teaches me some new skills. This guy is kind of like our hero’s very own Yoda, not only teaching me new skills but giving words wisdom before riding out with you to do some good. The Red Bull does seem to be doing the job just as well as the other canned drink and current leader of my tests Relentless, although I can feel the tiredness creeping in.


A damsel in distress has been rescued from some evildoers and a side mission involving a nun was completed by just donating some of my hard earned dollars. Since I finished my second can of Red Bull a half hour or so back, I had immediately opened my third and final of the night and it was around about now that I was finishing it. You would think that I would be pretty much wide awake, but shockingly I am starting to feel a little tired, although not quite enough so that I feel the need to drag myself to bed. I reckon I have at least another hours worth of playing in me yet.



Early in the morning now and I am riding around the west side of Mexico, searching for herbs to continue the Survivalist challenge. Although I am still awake, the herb hunting in the game can be a pretty tedious task. It does help however that the herbs I am currently searching for have a nice vibrant colour to them, meaning I can relax my brain a little as I ride around searching. The birds outside my window by now have finished their morning songs, meaning it is either extremely late or extremely early depending on how you choose to look at it. The effects of the Red bull I feel have run their course and I can feel myself steadily getting more and more tired although I do soldier on into the morning.


My mind is definitely beginning to wander and eyes are drooping. I am, however, going to pick up another mission in the hope that the action perks me up a bit. It does seem to do the job for a while at least, with me riding alongside a train providing protection. I end up trying the mission three times and I eventually succeed, but it is not long before the tiredness once again closes in on me and I decide that it is about time to head to a safe house and call it a night. On riding to this house I spot the next type of herb I need for the next part of the challenge and, not being one to pass up an opportunity like this, I stop to grab it. I then, for some reason, decide to find the rest of them. But this task is made a whole lot easier when, for the first time, I use a survivalist map from my kit that marks the location of nearby herbs on my radar for a limited time. This makes the task a whole lot easier. If only I had known that beforehand, it could have saved a whole lot of time.


Picking up the last few herbs I need, I head for the safe house. I am feeling tired and could very easily go to sleep right now. Like with the Relentless, if I felt so inclined I could force myself to go on for a bit longer. However, the need to sleep far outweighs the desire to continue playing right now and so I save my game and head to bed. The Red Bull performed rather admirably, well enough to keep me awake and alert into the wee hours of the morning just as well, if not better, than the other energy drink, Relentless.


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