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Red Dead Caffeine – Part 6

Posted by Bazaboy On June - 28 - 2010

After risking life, limb and his immortal soul for the sake of gamers everywhere, Bazaboy finally concludes his experiment and nurtures his hatred of Armadillos.

I have come to the end of my current tests and all of the beverages that I had decided to cover have been covered. Comparing them does not really surprise me, but the fact that some of the drinks actually did what they claim to do so well, did shock me a little. So that I had something to compare the drinks to, a few nights after the Red bull test I spent another evening beginning at the same time as the others without anything to drink other than a glass of water. This gave me a benchmark. It was about 03:55 in the morning when I called it a night and I headed for my bed, proving that even coffee and tea are a decent way to stay awake for your long gaming sessions, but the energy drinks prove even more effective.

The coffee and tea route I think is more down to the fact that you have a warm drink at hand, rather than the caffeine intake that they provided. Between and after them, the tiredness did not take too long to return and it was not long after the last cup of coffee that I felt the need to head to bed. The next most effective drink I tested was good old Lucozade and although it does not claim to be an energy drink in the same leagues as the likes of Red Bull, it still performed admirably in keeping me awake for a few extra hours over the tea and coffee option. The other two products I tested, Red bull and Relentless, performed equally as well, both managing to keep me awake and playing until around six o’clock in the morning, with the feeling that I could well have played on for longer if I had really wanted to. But the lure of my bed was all too much. There are numerous other energy drinks similar to these two out there, such as Monster and Rockstar, but I really believe these would have been just as effective but not more so than the two that I did try.

The one other energy drink that I was interested in trying, was an energy drink that I was told about by a friend in America. It is next to impossible to purchase in the UK, possibly because of it’s controversial name, Cocaine, or because of the fact that coming in the same size of can as a regular Red Bull, it has almost four times the amount of caffeine. I went as far as getting the same friend in America to pack some up to send to me. But he then ran into trouble when it came to shipping liquids overseas, so that plan was put on hold. Rest assured though that if I do get my hands on some, I will revisit this article.


So energy drinks do work. Whether consuming them in the amounts I did during these gaming sessions is good for you, I seriously doubt. So I would not really recommend doing so, although the only ill effect I had through all this was a single dizzy spell, which was worrying enough to send me pretty much right to bed, and numerous trips to the toilet of course.

The verdict therefore is that some energy drinks can help. But my advice is to do what I normally do, drink them in moderation and taking the occasional break once in a while helps during long sessions. My leg fell asleep a couple of times during this, leading to one amusing moment of me standing up and then immediately falling over again, luckily landing on my bed. Other than that it was a lot of fun.

I feel that although this article was not really about the game itself, I should give a brief opinion of it, think of it as a mini review. What can I say that is not good? I am finishing this article about a week after the last late night session and although I have finished the main story of the game, like Rockstar’s other open world series GTA, there is so much more to do. Even now when I start the game up, there is something to do along with the online free roam mode and competitive multiplayer modes, even in the single player game. For that alone, it is almost worth the money you will pay for it.  But on top of that, the game, despite the occasional glitch and bug, both looks and plays amazingly well and, in my opinion, the GTA series is going to have to come up with something special when it arrives to take back the open world game crown. Red Dead Redemption is a must buy for any fan of this type of game.

In conclusion, yes energy drinks or a nice warm caffeine filled drink can definitely help through those long or late night gaming sessions. But again I think moderation is the key. Downing three cans of Red Bull or anything similar within three or four hours can’t be good for you. However, doing the same with cups of coffee and tea wont do you any harm, apart from making you take numerous trips to the loo.

Feel free to discuss this article or share your own experiences with energy drinks and gaming in the comments section below or on the site forums.

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