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Superman And Extraction

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Rooms: The Main Building

Posted by TurtleGirl On June - 7 - 2010

Rooms: The Main Building, developed by Hudson soft, is a puzzle game that is based around moving rooms of a building to help the game’s protagonist, Mr X.


Mr X receives a parcel on his doorstep from a Mr Book. I can see you’re impressed already. Inside this special parcel is a puzzle and upon reading the letter Mr X gets transported into a rather strange and puzzling world. This world is filled with a variety of enigmatic rooms.

Your objective within each of the puzzles is to make your way to the exit in order to make your escape. Unaware of where you are, you’re greeted by a talking book. Mr Book is the stweard of the Rooms mansion and he is your guide and offers help and assistance when you need it.


The Rooms mansion is an odd place with each area consisting of a series of sliding rooms. Mr X can move by simply tapping on the screen with your stylus, and the rooms can be moved up, down, left and right, as long as the way is clear, by standing within the chosen room and tapping in the direcvtion that you want it to move. Once the room is placed in it’s correct postion, you will hear a noise that will symboloise this, although it may still need to be moved in order to accomadate other rooms. A lot of the rooms have doors which are locked, so you need to find specific keys for certain locks. They are usually pretty easy to find. There are different types of doors, some which open both ways and others which are one way only and will leave the player trapped on the other side unless they have planned ahead.

Within the puzzles you’ll find ladders that you can climb to the floor above but as you’ll find out, you have to make sure the level  above is clear and you can actually make it to the top. You will also come across walls that can restrict your movement. Golden walls are stable and cannot be broken. Wooden walls are vulnerable and can be destroyed by an explosion. That’s right, you can blow them up, but only if you can find the candle to ignite the explosives and keep safe in the first place. Getting the explosion right and in the correct position is challenging as I found after blowing myself up a few times. I love the fact that they have managed to insert so many useful items to use when trying to escape a room. These included a telephone, which was in fact a transporter that transfers you to another transporter. The wardrobe did the same thing in a way. The wardrobes will change the position of its room and other swapper rooms, leaving you where you stand. This is where the mixture of detonation of explosives and shifting rooms becomes somewhat dicey. Many times I had actually tried to blow up a wall and then transport away tp safety, only to find myself in the same room as the explosions. It’s all about timing, precision and planning a few steps ahead.

Also to be found are hydrants which can fill a room with water, which then will require the player to place an empty fish bowl on their head in order to breathe under water, and mirrors which work in pairs.  Move one mirror room and the other mirror room in that level will move in the opposite direction.

The main map is made up of four mansions, with extra mansions for you to unlock at a later date, containing over 100 puzzles and they all range in difficulty. Many of the puzzles are quite difficult, where others were a lot more simple. Escape from the enigmatic world of Rooms in story mode once to unlock challenge mode. This game also allows you to create your own levels and save up to ten created ones. Players can also win trophies for reaching various milestones in the game, so it’s worth playing this until the end.


Rooms: The Main building is was a very good game which I personally enjoyed. To be honest I can only point out one flaw of the game and that was the graphics. They were very simplistic which made the game seem a little old looking. The puzzle element I thought was good. Yes, I got stuck many many times, too many that I care to admit, but I was determined that this game was not going to defeat me.The first puzzles are quite easy and I managed to get through them relatively quickly. It’s not until you get to the later levels that you realize you have to think very hard about the decisions you make with your rooms. You can drown, die by explosion or even find yourself in a room with no way out. But it’s a challenge and this is what this game is about at the end of the day. Have you got what it takes to escape the rooms or will you be trapped in the mansion forever?




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