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The Sims 3: Ambitions

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 8 - 2010

Yep, it’s another Sims 3 expansion. Do you really need any more furniture?

So, I am assuming that you have all heard of the Sims? Now in its third incarnation (not including the unsuccessful online game), allowing the player to create their very own Avatar that lives and functions within a virtual world based loosely upon the world in which we live. Sims 3 has been around for about a year now and every six months or so a new expansion pack seems to be added to the game, not including the intermittent item packs which add only items to the buy and build modes. The last Sims expansion saw our little people going off around the world, visiting some well known locations and exploring for treasure. This time around we are looking more closely at their work life.


Ambitions is not about adding new stuff to your Sims 3 inventories. This time around, the effects of this expansion can be felt in a much more game changing way.

Basically, amongst some other stuff added to the game, the player now has the option of taking on a profession, rather than just a career. Do not fear, the careers are still there and the player can still enjoy watching their Sim depart for work every day and return with a paycheck. But with a profession, the player can now follow their Sim to work and actively interfere in their daily tasks.


There are six professions on offer: Architectual Designer, Doctor, Firefighter, Ghost Hunter, Private Investigator and Stylist. Upon choosing a profession, the player may then follow their Sim to work and actually participate in the daily grind. Go out and fight fires, capture ghosts, explore your artistic side by tattooing Sims or even enter the buy mode and get some new furniture for a customer. Although only six professions are currently available, the options within those six really expand the game quite substantially.

How the player deals with the new found responsibilities of work is entirely up to them. If you just can’t be bothered to put out that fire, just let the house burn and gather your marshmallows. Or maybe you would prefer to nip into the burning building and pocket some goodies before getting out. You now have the option to mess with your Sims work life as much as you mess with their regular life.


The only fault that I really have with this expansion, beyond the fact that it could contain more stuff, is that there is not a lot of explanation when the player begins there chosen career. Sims veterans will quickly work it all out, but for the casual player there may be a period of chaos as the player tries to work out what the hell they are supposed to do.

Of course there are the usual extras in this expansion, such as new items to buy, some new traits and lifetime wishes with which to embellish your Sims, and the inclusion of some rather cool hobbies, sculpting and inventing, which allow the Sim to create either decorative or functional items.


But the main draw of Ambitions are the new professions. They change the way the game is played, no longer having to wave goodbye to your Sim and fast forward time until they return. This is no bundle of new items for your Sims game, but a change to the Sims 3 mechanic, providing more control and more fun to Sims enthusiasts. Players themselves should decide whether or not it is worth the money and I would guess that comes down to how much they play the game. For me though, all new content is good content and worthwhile. This package extends the game and thus provides good value for money.




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