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Toki Tori

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 2 - 2010

Collect the eggs on your iPhone.

Toki Tori from Chillingo is a simple platform game with a surprising amount of character. Having already made an appearance on the Wiiware, it is now available on the iPhone using a touch screen control interface.


I’ll be honest with you, I was not especially impressed when I first started the game up. All that I could see was a simple platform game in which the player had to collect the eggs that are strewn around each level. Each of the eggs has to be collected in order to progress. Basically, the player has to move their little yellow chick-like thing around by tapping on the screen where they want it to move to. Move onto or over an egg to collect it.

Each of the levels is designed to be completed in a certain way. To begin with, this is quite easy, but gradually gets more difficult with the inclusion of enemies and some very clever level design. The player really needs to plan out a route before they begin because it is very easy to get trapped.


To help on their journey, the player will gradually gain access to various tools that will aid in their mission. Things such as building bridges, teleporting and freezing the enemies will all become available, but limitations in the number of uses will be forcing the player to be very careful as to where they use them.

The game features some lovely colourful sprites and a nice cheery feel. The touch screen controls are not as precise as one would like, but perform adequatley and not once did they cause me any fatal errors.


However, contrary to my initial impressions, I found myself playing and enjoying Toki Tori for quite a while. The level design, which starts off seeming rather simple, soon becomes quite devious and I found myself repeatedly hitting the proverbial brick wall and unable to progress. Rather than building up frustration, I found that this only made me more determined to fins the solution to these difficult levels.

Toki Tori has that pick up and play factor that seems to be evident in most of the successful iPhone games. The player can quickly whip out their device and knock out a couple of levels when they have a spare couple of minutes. Get stuck and the level will remain in your mind even after play has finished, as you mentally try and figure out the solution.


Old-school puzzle-platformer fun on the iPhone does not get much better than this.



Toki Tori is available here for just £2.99

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