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Driver San Francisco Preview

Posted by FuryAc3 On July - 20 - 2010

With E3 just a distant memory,this week’s preview is a look at one of the games that was somewhat of a surprise at the show. The game in question is Driver San Francisco and it’s set to screech onto the 360, PS3 and PC later this year in a cloud of smoke and rubber.

So what’s the story behind Driver San Francisco? Well, as a sequel to Driver 3 the story is set to follow the series hero Tanner, who is a gritty undercover cop. In a twist, this time he is in coma and is re-living the events of the game through his dreams. This adds some new and exciting elements to the game and how it plays. There is not much else known about the story, other than the series’ long running bad ass Jericho makes a return. Fans of the series will know that he has almost killed Tanner a couple of times now.


As for game play, it is set in San Francisco and sees the whole city as your playground, with 208 miles of tarmac to drive over. This city is larger than that of Grand Theft Auto 4 and Burnout Paradise. Although the city is not 100% accurate, all the major landmarks of San Francisco will be there, not that you’ll have time to go sight seeing.


The cars in the game will be fully licensed and the player will be able to get behind the wheel of Maseratis, Fords and Dodges, including the legends that are the Dodge Challenger and the Shelby Mustang, so you can replay scenes from movies like Gone In 60 Seconds and Bullitt as you blast through the streets of San Francisco. The game has dropped the on-foot missions seen in Driver 2,Driver 3 and Driver: Parallel Lines, to go back to its roots and play more like the first game in the series.


This return to the style of the first game also brings a new feature called Shifting. This lets you move from one car to another in seconds, in a sort of hot spotting like that of Battlefield 2 Modern Combat where to switch class all you had to do was look at another solider on your team and you would fly into their body. In Driver San Francisco the idea is the same, but you zoom out to see an area of the map and you can pick any car you see in this area. So, if you were in a chase and you hit a dead end, you may think game over. But not with Shifting as, if you activate it, you can hot spot into another car and get back into the chase right away. Also another bonus of this is that you can switch into faster or stronger cars at the press of a button.


But Shifting is not unlimited, you’ll have to earn the right to use it by power sliding, overtaking and doing all sorts of extreme stunts to fill the bar. As you play the game, Tanner will level up and so will his ability to Shift for longer and view larger areas.You will be able to see the whole of San Francisco when you get to the highest level. When you’re not on a mission you can shift into other peoples cars and do side missions on top of the campaign.


Driver San Francisco will also feature nine multiplayer modes, each with support for both online and split screen. The only mode on show at E3 was Trail Blazer, where the goal was to stay in the slipstream of an NPC for a set amount of time and will have up to 4 players scrabbling to get into the slipstream.


So that was a quick glance at one of the surprises of E3 this year. For all the latest info and the full and in-depth review, be sure to check back later this year.

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