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Medal of Honor Preview

Posted by FuryAc3 On July - 27 - 2010

This week’s preview is a hands on special of a game that we here at GGUK have been looking forward to for some time, Medal of Honor.We were lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive beta test on Xbox live, which included two of the multiplayer modes from the game and two maps to fight it out on, as well as a host of unlocks and upgrades for your solider in the battlefield.


If you’ve enjoyed Modern Warfare 2 or Battlefield Bad Company 2, you’re going to find yourself right at home in Medal of Honor. The team behind the game are half ex-Infinity Ward and half DICE, as EA have put them in charge of the multiplayer side of things. The rest of the team are developing the single player game. So for this beta test it’s the DICE side of things that’re being put under the spotlight. How does it shape up and can it stand out in the crowded FPS market? More so, can it better Modern Warfare 2 or Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Well, the demo itself has two playable modes. One of these is Team Assault where two teams fight it out in a standard team deathmatch set up. The other mode is Combat, which plays a lot like rush in Bad Company, where one team defend and another team attack. The attackers have to take out points on the map to push the battlefield forward and the defenders back to their last stand.


So, Team Assault is pretty cut and dry, as it is Team Deathmatch, and sees two teams of six fighting it out to see who can get the most kills first. All of the action takes place on the Kabul City Ruins map, which is a close quarters building to building map with lots of cover and hiding places for sneaky snipers, but also sees a lot of the fighting take place on the roof tops of the ruined city, so you really have to look where you go on this map because nowhere is truly safe.

The other mode in the beta is Combat Mission and is an objective based mode which sees a team of eight having to defend and another team attack. This is where DICEs on line skill shines through and the game really takes off. The map for this mode is Helmand Valley, which is a desert with sporadic trees and hovels littering the landscape. The fighting is a move, hold and storm affair on this map and with the attackers having tanks, this adds to the tension on the map as it is a nonstop onslaught till one team get to where they want.


Like all DICE games there are several different ways you can approach gameplay. In the beta there are three playable classes: Rifleman, Special Ops and Sniper. The Rifleman comes equipped with an assault rifle and a grenade launcher attachment. Special Ops is more of a “demo man,” equipped with a machine gun and an RPG. Finally, the Sniper comes equipped with a high powered rifle and C4. Depending on which team you play, the look of the kit changes. Whereas the Marines have all the high tech clean crisp weapons, the insurgents have botched weapons and use a lot of Russian kit. A really nice touch, though scary if you think about it, is that the insurgents C4 is detonated by a mobile phone, which references methods used in real conflict.

On top of the classes and kit, there is the very Modern Warfare 2 style killing streak and Bad Company unlock tree for Killing enemies or assisting your teammates. This awards you points and what do points make? Prizes, which then allow you to unlock things in the particular class you’re playing. Although the unlock tree has been capped at level 7 for all the 3 classes, you do get to unlock extra guns, scopes, larger ammo clips and suppressors for your guns in the beta and if you gather the required amount of points in one life, these allow you to perform additional actions such as mortar strikes or gathering Intel on the enemy to let your team gain the upper hand in the battlefield.


So there was a quick hands on preview of how things are shaping up well and how the new contender to the Call of Duty Crown is looking. Though to find out our full verdict be sure to check back for the full in depth review coming this September.

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