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Pro Zombie Soccer

Posted by Bazaboy On July - 19 - 2010

Kicking a football at a bunch of shuffling zombies. Reminds me of school.

Argh, zombie attack and all our hero has to protect himself and save the world is his soccer ball, sorry we are in the UK, his football and his skills in playing the game. At the start of the game our hero Jax, a semipro soccer, sorry football, player, is bitten by a zombie. But before he becomes one of the brain munchers himself, he decides he is going to do his best to take out as many of the mumbling undead.


Along the way the story takes some twists and turns, such as deciding whether or not to waste your best friend who has also become a stumbling, mumbling maniac and a girlfriend who, in the middle of a zombie attack, stops to search for a dropped contact lens as you try to keep the closing in ranks of Romero flesh rippers at bay. The story itself is, like the majority of iPhone games, kept to a minimum and simple like the gameplay, making it perfect for small bite sized chunks of game play. And so that pretty much wraps up the story for the game. Use football, kill zombies.


The game play again keeps things in the fun but simple field. It’s all done with one finger on the phones touch screen. Jax the hero stands on the left of the screen with a small circle on screen behind him. Then, as the zombies shuffle, stumble and at times sprint towards you from the right, with your football at your feet, it is a simple case of pressing a finger on the circle behind Jax. The longer you keep your finger pressed, the more power behind your kick. You also aim your kicks from here by sliding your finger up and down and then releasing it to kick the ball towards your target. Speaking of the targets, they do come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own weaknesses. Your run of the mill lumbering brain sucker can be taken out with a single head shot or a couple of body blows. But as the game progresses you will encounter zombies wearing hard hats which you need to knock off with a head shot and then hit them with another for the kill, zombies that need to be hit in certain areas for the kill which leads to “nutshot” occasionally flashing up on the screen, and riot shield carrying zombies where things get a little trickier as you have to bank your shots off the walls along the top and bottom of the screen in search of the head shot. There are also other zombie types which use different tactics and ways of killing them.

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Although the football kick is your main attack, if you can chain a number of kills together with head shot combos and such a meter fills up and once it reaches the top you can activate one of three special attacks; a powered up version of your normal attack, a spike ball that cuts through any zombie in its way taking out crowds of the mumbling morons with a couple of kicks and finally the laser satellite shot where you kick your ball into orbit, hitting a satellite, activating a laser and obliterating any zombie that is targeted. The game play like everything else in the game is kept as simple as can possibly be like a lot of other iPhone games. But like those others it works in favour of the game, keeping the game fun and perfect for time filling when you have a few minutes to spare and feel like messing up some brain munching zombies.


Looks wise all the levels are pretty much the same single screen, only dressed differently, be it on a street, junkyard, stormy night or a snow covered Town. Both the scenery and all the characters are all well done and look really cool. The sound in the game is equally as nice, with music and zombie groaning about all that is called for and they are both present and correct, doing their job admirably.


So overall Pro Zombie Soccer like many iPhone games is best played as a small time filler on the train to work, waiting in a queue or sitting on the toilet. The gameplay, although fun, would not really hold your attention for long game play sessions. But if you have a few minutes spare, are looking for something to fill some time and love splattering the undead brain munching lumbering dead folks, then this could be the time filler you are after.



Pro Zombie Soccer, from Chillingo, is available here on the App Store for just £1.79


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