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5-in-1 Arcade Hits

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 2 - 2010

Define arcade hits…

Combining five games into one easy to buy package is generally a good idea. More often than not these compilations of games will feature one or two “high value” games that can overshadow the remaining, slightly lesser quality titles. 5 in 1 Arcade Hits, however, offers a collection of variations on classic games that most gamers will recognise. Available as a PSP Mini for £2.49, this makes the games around 50p each. Good value maybe, but where is the high value game?

Before we discuss the various games included in this package, it is worth talking about the online integration offered across all of the games. Your scores for each game can, by the use of a handy code, be registered at the developers website, giving access to global leaderboards. This allows the player to not only compare their scores with others, but also integrate those scores with their FaceBook page, increasing the level of competition.


Anyway, that is all well and good. But what games are you going to be competing in? Well, first up we have the classic game of Solitaire. I would imagine that most of you have played the game before, given that it is on almost every computer out there. This version offers nothing new but if you enjoy Solitaire, you will enjoy this. The controls are a little more clunky, but it all works adequately.


Then we have Tetroid. Nope, nothing to do with Tetris, but more of a side scrolling Arkanoid in which the blocks move across the screen and must be broken by the player before they reach the opposite side. As with all of the games here, it is all about the high score. There is no penalty for missing the ball, other than time, and the game actually offers some challenge, albeit only in a very simple way.


Pool is also on offer. Without any opponents to play in single player, and the multiplayer being local turn based only, this game also is all about the high scores. In itself that is not too bad, but sadly this interpretation of the popular pub game is left somewhat lacking with dodgy physics and a lack of challenge.


There is some simple fun to be had with Pairs though. The player is presented with a screen filled with overturned cards and must match the pictures on the under sides into pairs, only turning two at a time. This is a very simple game of luck and memory. It is done very well and offers a small distraction, for a while at least.


By far the most unentertaining entry in this package is 15 Puzzle. The player has to rearrange the numbers into numerical order like an old slide puzzle. You lose points for every move that you make and, to be honest, the game is mind numbingly boring.


Although the whole package is finished nicely and the online Leaderboards and FaceBook integration is well done and welcome, the actual games themselves are where this package is let down. Even the low price of this PSP Mini is difficult to justify unless the player is looking specifically for one of these game to play on their PSP. I also have trouble imagining a time when any of these games were classed as Arcade Hits.




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