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Black Hole

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 25 - 2010

I think everyone could use a portable Black Hole once in a while.

After the phenomenal success of Angry Birds, Clickgamer certainly have a lot to live up to. Their new game, Black Hole, offers a completely different style of game, but still tries to keep that addictive quality. Is that even possible without kamikaze birds and thieving pigs?


The story, for what its worth, is fairly straight forward. The Earth is under threat from asteroids. It is down to you to create miniature Black Holes and divert these annoying lumps of rock away from our home planet and in to each other. Makes sense to me!

With the planet Earth sitting comfortably in the centre of the screen, the asteroids will come flying from all directions, intent on colliding with the planet. By tapping on the screen, the player can place Black Holes in strategic positions, using their gravitational pull to guide the asteroids onto a collision course with each other, and thus destroying them. As the player progresses, the frequency and speed of the asteroids will increase, resulting in a frantic placing of Black Holes and more than just a little bit of luck.


Aside from the standard planet destroying asteroids, there are three special lumps of rock for the player to watch out for. Colliding these coloured rocks will result in a variety of different effects. Blue asteroids will slow down other asteroids within their area. Yellow will destroy other nearby asteroids with lightning. Red, the most handy in an emergency, will launch missiles and destroy the three asteroids nearest to the planet.

Should things look like they are getting out of hand, players can always activate the shockwave by tapping the Earth. this wave will destroy all of the asteroids on the screen, but it’s use is limited. There are 18 levels in toal across three difficulty settings. There is also an endless mode, which certainly improves the replayability.

From the visual point of view, Black Hole certainly looks adequate, but nothing special. There is only so much you can do with asteroids, I guess. The background music doesn’t do a bad job of building an atmosphere, but will likely get old quickly. Fortunately the sounds can be turned off.


The early levels of the game are relatively simple and will not pose much of a challenge to gamers. It is not until you get to the most difficult setting that things start hotting up and the player may find themselves having to retry levels repeatedly. At this point the game becomes frantic and chaotic, and is actually a huge amount of fun.

But sadly this fun is short lived, as this level of difficulty is only apparent in a few levels. With only 18 levels over all, and only a handful of them offering a challenge, the game is far too short. Finishing the easy difficulty will unlock the endless mode, which offers more challenge.


Black Hole is not without it’s charm and will certainly entertain for a while. But the relatively small number of levels will reduce the replayability, even with the unlocked endless mode. For the humble price of just 59p, it’s not bad value for money and I can certainly think of worse things to spend 59p on.



Black Hole, from Clickgamer, is available on the App Store for just £0.59


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