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SLENDER: THE ARRIVAL Hits Wii U E-shop October 22nd

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Small World of Warcraft Board Game Available Now

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Who’s That Flying?!

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Flight Control

Posted by Bazaboy On August - 27 - 2010

Air traffic controller is one of the most stressful jobs you can have and now you also can experience this, minus of course the pressure of knowing that thousands of people are relying on you getting them back on the ground, and have fun while doing so. I do have to warn you however that before picking up and playing this game you need to prepare yourself, as you will become addicted to this game and you will have difficulty putting this down.


The simple premise to this game is, as you might expect, to safely land aircraft. There are five single screen airports. They start off with two runways and a helicopter landing pad, all the way up to busy airports with five runways and two helicopter landing pads, some of which go from closed to open during gameplay. Playing the game itself is as simple as waiting on planes or helicopters to fly onto the screen in random areas and from there it’s case of touching the screen where the plane is and tracing its route to the appropriate landing point, red planes to red runway, yellow planes to yellow runways and blue helicopter pads.

The game starts off quietly enough with a very manageable three or four craft at any one time. But then, about fifteen succesful landings in, things get a little more hectic when the game begins to throw in planes with varying speeds before upping the number of planes on screen at one time. Things quickly begin to get very hectic as you have to adjust your flight plans from being a direct to runway approach to more of a queuing for landing flight.


The aim is simply to land as many planes and helicopters as you possibly can, with a single mid air collision bring your game to an abrupt halt. This is where the one more go syndrome hits you bad, as you desperately attempt to beat your previous high score, even if it is just by a single landing more. If you do not manage it, then there is always next time and that is part of what makes a perfect game for a hand held device such as the iPhone. A small, simple and addictive game that is perfect to pick up and play when you have a few minutes to spare. But just be careful those spare few minutes do not turn into an hour or more as I myself have found out on numerous occasions.


The game has nicely drawn, cheerful graphics, all in bright colours, meaning that just because the game is played out over a single screen, it is at least pleasant to look at while you are playing. The one and only downside to the game is the sound. There are no plane engine effects, so you do not need to worry about a constant droning, and the sound effects are kept to a quiet click as you touch the craft and once again when you set their flight path. On top of these simple sounds is the one negative in the whole game, the music. It’s one of those soundtracks that you can handle for around about half an hour before it begins to drive you wild. It will not be long at all before you are making a visit to the options screen to turn it down.


If you are looking for a fun little time wasting game and are not worried about becoming seriously addicted, then this is one of the more fun games I have played on the iPhone and I would definitely recommend picking it up.



Flight Control, from ndWare pty ltd, is available on the App Store for just £0.59


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