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King’s Legacy

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 23 - 2010

Reclaim your kingdom!

As always seems to happen in fantasy Kingdoms, when your father, the King, passes away, your evil uncle decides that he wants the throne instead. Family, eh? So, as Prince and rightful heir to the throne, it is up to you to get the Kingdom back.

Anyone who has played Cateia Games’ Shaman Odyssey will instantly feel at home here. The game offers more than just a passing resemblance. But if you played Shaman Odyssey and enjoyed it, this may not be a bad thing.


At it’s most basic, King’s Legacy is a resource gathering game. The player travels from one village to the next, controlling the little Prince, completing certain objectives. These objectives may be as simple as constructing a certain building or gathering a fixed amount of a certain resource.

Controlling the young Prince, the player must wander around the given area and collect up the resources that can be found. These resources can then be used to construct the buildings that give your peasants purpose, such as allowing them to collect resources for you.

So far, pretty much the same as Shaman Odyssey. There are 24 levels in total to work through. The player’s objectives are listed at the bottom of the screen and are dutifully ticked off when completed.


There are, however, a couple of ways that Shaman Odyssey has been improved upon in this outing, the most interesting of which is the merchants hut. One of the major problems with Shaman Odyssey was the pacing. Some may call it slow, others relaxing. Either way, things have been slightly improved upon in King’s Legacy by allowing the player to sell excess resources and buy those needed. If the player is in a hurry to gather a set amount of a certain resource, this can be invaluable, as waiting around for the resource to respawn can be frustrating.

This becomes most obvious when collecting the ingredients needed for magic. Things have become a bit more involved than the potion brewing of Shaman Odyssey. Now the player must not only collect the ingredients, but also prepare them in the correct manner. There is quite often an urgency, of sorts, to gathering spell ingredients, so the merchants hut offers the player a speedy solution.


Which is handy for when the occasional evil Knight decides to visit. Another new feature for King’s Legacy are these Knights who will wander into your village and start attacking your tower. It is up to you to whip together a handy fireball and see these Knights off, before they cause too much damage. This certainly adds to the Prince’s list of things to do and gives some much needed variety to the game.

The game, even with it’s towers and stone buildings instead of huts, still has the same graphical style as Shaman Odyssey. It is all very well polished and looks good on the screen. The bright, colourful visuals give the game a very cute look overall and only add to the games appeal. The same can be said of the sound effects, which are cute and fun.


Whilst some improvements have been made, the game is still far too similar to Cateia’s previous title to change the minds of those who did not enjoy Shaman Odyssey. King’s Legacy still has a slow pace, which is certainly not for everyone, and although the sense of urgency has been ramped up, the level of challenge on offer is still very low. But it looks and sounds great, is easy to pick up and play, and is a good way to spend a quiet afternoon.



King’s Legacy, from Cateia Games, is available from GamersGate


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