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Mafia 2 Preview

Posted by FuryAc3 On August - 24 - 2010

Not a horse head in sight.

This week we’re going to take a look at Mafia 2 which is heading to the 360, PC and PS3 on the 27th of this month. Visit the gritty city of Empire Bay in this free-roam, gangster-filled, third-person shooter. So, will it be a made man or is it going to end up sleeping with the fishes?


This is the second game in the series and has been developed by 2K Czech. It sees them bring Empire Bay to life in 10 square miles of free-roam game world. Empire Bay is a reference to the nickname given to New York, as it is called The Empire State, but the city will feature influences from other great cities in America such as Chicago and Detroit.

The story of the game follows the WW2 veteran Vito Scaletta as he returns home after the war and works his way through the ranks of the family. The game starts in 1945 with Vito coming home to find his father has passed away and left his family $2000 in debt. Vito joined the military to avoid going to jail after a botched bank job and when this news comes to light he finds himself turning to old friend Joe Barbaro for help. This starts Vito on a life of crime. Starting off small, you’ll have to steal cars and do favours for people until you are introduced to the Falcone family and start working your way up their ranks.


The game will have over 2 hours of in-game cut scenes to move the story along,and what a story it is. Crafted by Daniel Vavra, who also wrote the first games story, the script weighs in at a belting 700 pages and spreads Vitos story over 10 years, from 1945 to 1955. Daniel has said the first game was a tribute to gangster films and was a romantic vision. This time out Mafia 2 is a lot grittier and the story and world are a lot darker than the first game.

A big part of the gameplay will be the day to day life of a member of the family, which isn’t all unmarked bills and fast cars. Sometimes you’ll have to kill people who have done nothing wrong. This means your crew having to carry out executions and assaults on rival families and gangs, as well as growing the rackets and making deals that you do in the world, always trying to out do the other families in Empire Bay.

The game will see the action played out in a GTA style with on foot and driving sections. The game will have over 50 vehicles to get to grips with and the world will be fully open from the start, so no restrictions on where you can go in the world from the get go. On top of the vehicles, the game has a beefy arsenal to get to grips with, including old favourites like Thompsons and Colt 1911, as well as WW2 weapons like MP40 and the MG42. So lots of firearms to get the job done. But if a gun is not at hand, Vito is handy with his old fists, being able to perform  actions in an Assassin’s creed style with context-sensitive actions.


On top of this, the game has a semi-destructible environment, so you can blow enemies cover away as well as environment kills. There is a Gears style snap to cover system also in the game. 2K Czech has updated the whole control system from the first game, as well as including a new check point system for saving the game.

There is an early bird bonus from many retailers, letting you have access to new content for the game through DLC packs as a pre-order bonus. There are three packs being given away from different retailers and there is a special edition which comes in a steel book and is loaded with DLC goodies, soundtrack and a map of Empire Bay. So something for everyone.


That was a quick glance at the next chapter of the hard hitting crime series. To find out our full verdict, be sure to check back for the full in depth review.

We’re weren’t bad guys, we’re goodfellas



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