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MotoGP 2010

Posted by Bazaboy On August - 22 - 2010

Good looking and fun racing games themselves are few and far between on the iPhone and so something more specific, like a bike racing game, is even harder to find.

When one does comes along, we can only hope that it is good enough. With this one being the official game of the Moto GP, hopes are high that it is a fun game to play.

MotoGP_I-play_Screenshot__Rossi Rider_3

The aim of the game is pretty straight forward for this one, as you can imagine, so I won’t go too deep into it. It’s basically race your bike and hopefully win. Because the game is a licensed product it has a selection of the real teams, with the likes of Honda, Yamaha and Ducati amongst others, with riders such as Casey Stoner, Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi. All of these are available for players to use from the off. You take part in either quick races or a points championship, which works much as you would expect it to with qualifying proceeding the race itself. Both the qualifying sessions and the races are kept to a more manageable handful of laps than the real thing, keeping things more suited to the playing of games on the phone.

MotoGP_I-play_Screenshot__Turn right Rossi_1

The racing action takes the arcade style of play rather than simulator, which again is ideal for platform, with the controls much the same as most of the other racing games on the iPhone. Acceleration is a constant, leaving the player to concentrate on the braking, which is handled quite simply by touching the bottom left of the screen, and turning by tilting the phone to the left or right. Once on the straights most of the work is taken care of, but not totally as, enforcing the arcade nature of the game, the player has a boost button under their right thumb. Use of this is limited and best used on the straights of the various circuits.

There are three difficulty settings in the game. The easiest setting is extremely forgiving in that if you leave the track, you can recover and then get going again without loosing too many places, if any at all, in the race. It’s a case of pointing your bike back at the track and tapping the boost button. The AI bikes are so slow that you are generally in first place by the second turn. On this setting even the most inept of gamers will find themselves winning over and over again. However, for more of a challenge, turn the difficulty setting up to legend. On this setting things are all changed and this is what I would recommend to more experienced racing game fans or fans of the sport itself. Although the controls and core gameplay remain unchanged, the skill of the AI riders is increased and the speed of the bikes is a lot more noticeable, which in turn means there is a lot more braking involved and, unlike playing on the easy setting in which messing up a turn is easily and quickly rectified, playing on legend can and usually does result in both rider and bike sliding along the track.

MotoGP_I-play_Screenshot__Turn right Stoner_5

The games graphics in general are good enough and do the job of representing what they are supposed to. But the riders, bikes and tracks could all do with just a little more polish. The bikes and riders look good but at times on closer inspection can look a little rough around the edges. This is not a huge problem as on the whole they look close to what they should. The tracks likewise are pretty good representations of the real world locations that they are based on, but again with one small problem. At times, as you are racing, some of the track ahead of you looks blurry and out focus and only sharpens up as you approach the section in question, kind of like the track has not fully loaded as you race it.

The sound in the game is kept to a minimum but also does everything that is required of it. Music check, bike sounds check, and that’s about all you really need here. The engine sounds for each of the makes of bikes do not sound overly different. This is a small thing that only hardcore fans may point out and does not really take away from the game.

MotoGP_I-play_Screenshot_Turn Left Stoner_2

Wrapping things up, Moto GP 2010 on the iPhone is one of only a few motorbike racing games available on the platform. With that in mind, it’s lucky that it is at least an enjoyable game to play. A little rough around the edges in places, but these little things are easily overlooked, giving you what is one of the better racing games and possibly the best bike racing game available for the phone. There is room for improvement, but if it is a bike racing game you are looking for, then you need look no further than MOTO GP 2010. Fans of the sport will not be disappointed as it is the perfect way for them to spend a spare five or ten minutes, or even for longer gaming sessions if they feel the need. Check this one out if you are looking for a racing game on your iPhone.



MotoGP 2010, from I-play, is available on the App Store for just £2.39


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