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Paradise Quest HD

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 2 - 2010

Match three fun on a bigger screen.

When Paradise Quest first made the jump from PC to iPhone, there were a few obvious issues that threatened to raise their ugly heads, primarily revolving around the size of the screen and how the controls would be handled. Fortunately both of these issues turned out not to be an issue at all, as the game was incredibly well done and an absolute joy to play. But now we see Paradise Quest going HD and making an appearance on the iPad. Will the larger screen make the game even better?


Match three games are plentiful on the App Store, so it really takes something special to stand out. Paradise Quest manages this in a number of ways. Firstly is the eco-friendly story which sees the player trying to revitalise a failing eco system. The player gathers resources by matching three on the game board and then, using these resources, the player can restore the island to it’s former glory. This in itself adds a certain amount of strategy to the gameplay by forcing the player to consider which resources they need, rather than random matching. As the player restores the island, the native animal life begins to return and the player is rewarded with pictures in their scrap book, and a warm fuzzy feeling.


The main innovation with Paradise Quest is that the game board is massively larger than the screen. It is perhaps this concept that allowed the game to succeed so well on the smaller screen of the iPhone. As the player matches a group of three or more, the view of the board centres around that match, allowing the player to navigate the board with relative ease, whilst also increasing the level of challenge as the player tries to get to the hard to reach corners.


We here at GGUK make no apologies for liking Paradise Quest on the iPhone. The game offers an enjoyable gaming experience in a bright and colourful setting that conveys a meaningful message. Bringing the game to the iPad has done nothing but improve the game. The larger screen allows much more precision and speed, making the game easier to play. But the real improvement is in how the game looks. Paradise Quest was in no way ugly, but the improvements on seeing the game upon the larger screen are obvious. The game looks simply stunning.

Are you the envy of your friends, showing off your iPad whilst they all sit their squinting at the small screens of their iPhones? Worry not, the multiplayer mode of Paradise Quest HD allow the player to compete with friends iPad vs iPad or iPad vs iPhone/iPod.


Anyone with an iPad and a passing interest in puzzle games would do well to purchase this game without any delay. For the asking price of just £1.79, finding a game that offers this level of gameplay and polish will be a difficult task indeed. Paradise Quest HD is a premium game at an App Store price. Grab it before they realise.



Paradise Quest HD is published by I-play and is available for £1.79 on the App Store here


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