Pre-order Hunted: The Demon’s Forge

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 16 - 2010

Digital pre-order deals now available in North America, with offers coming to Europe soon.

The Darkset pack contains:

-  Caddoc’s Darkset Armor – exclusive shoulder armor for Caddoc

- Caddoc’s Darkset  Axe & Shield – exclusive Darkset Axe and Shield used by Caddoc

- E’lara’s Darkset Armor –exclusive magical artifact which improves E’lara’s magical abilities

- E’lara’s Darkset Light Sword –  exclusive Darkset Light Sword used by E’lara


The Griffin pack contains:

- Caddoc’s Griffin Bracer – exclusive magical artifact which improves Caddoc’s magical abilities

- Caddoc’s Griffin Maw Crossbow –  exclusive crossbow used by Caddoc

- E’lara Griffin Hide Armor –exclusive armor used by E’lara

- E’lara’s Griffin Claw Bow –  exclusive repeating bow used by E’lara


The following packs include content found in Crucible, Hunted’s customizable dungeon creator system.

The Demon Pack contains:

- Demon Boss–Demon boss unlocked in Crucible

- Demon Level – Demon boss level unlocked in Crucible

- Annuvin – Annunvin character skin unlocked after completing the campaign

- Notch Axe – Caddoc’s notch axe unlocked


The Assassin Pack contains:

- Assassin Boss – Assassin boss unlocked in Crucible

- Assassin Level – Assassin boss level unlocked in Crucible

- Seriphine – Seriphine character skin unlocked after completing the campaign

- Assassin Bow – E’lara’s Assassin bow unlocked


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