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Hypership Out of Control

Posted by FuryAc3 On September - 24 - 2010

Frantic Indie shoot ’em up action.

This time out we are going to be reviewing Hypership Out of Control, which is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up with a twist and is an Xbox indie arcade game from Fun Infused Games. This game takes me back to when I was a little Fury and brings back the feeling I got when I would walk into an arcade and put a fortune in ten pence’s in the machines to play games like Space Invaders and R-type. It brings back the rush of chasing a highest score.


Hypership Out of Control is a shoot-em-up and the story isn’t really it’s strong point. That said, it doesn’t need it really. But the general gist of the story is that you are a pilot of a Hypership and the throttle is jammed, so you can’t stop. This gives the game it’s biggest twist and helps it stand out in the crowd. So all you can do is try to survive through 10 waves and hope that you run out of gas soon.

The game is pure old school fun with a twist because when you start the game it’s all at a nice normal speed. But within about two minutes it goes mental and stops being a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up and becomes a vertical scrolling dodge-em-up as the screen starts flying by you at an incredible speed. You stop trying to shoot things for points and start shooting them to clear your path so you can make it through alive, while trying to collect coins and power-ups to help you rack up a higher score. Just like it sounds, the gameplay is fast, furious and incredibly addictive.


The game has five modes and 10 waves to fly through. There’s the normal play mode where you have 3 lives and have to make it as far as you can. On top of this there is a Hardcore mode where you have 1 life and then its game over, Super Speed mode is where there is no limit to the speed that your ship goes and this really tests you. There’s also a Coin Down mode where you have unlimited lives but your coin total counts down constantly and if it reaches 0 then it’s game over, and the last mode is the most important I feel, as it’s a  Practice mode which lets you play through the levels without fear of it costing you lives or your score, and is a great way to get to learn the layout of the 10 levels.

All of the modes support live leader boards so that feeling of chasing the high score is back. With this comes the challenge to try and get to the top and adds great replay value to the game, more so if a friend has the game as you’ll be fighting to outdo each other on the score board.


The game has nailed the old school look to a tee and runs at 60 frames per second. It’s bright, colourful and full of charm. And when the game is going at speed, it really does become truly eye watering as you fight to keep your eye on everything on the screen as it flies by. The strong colours help you here, as the screen may be a blur  but you can see coins and power-ups a mile away. As for the audio in the game, the 8-bit track is spot on and really grabs that feeling of the classic games of the 80s.

The game features four person offline multiplayer and this is just as much fun as the single player modes, if not more so, as it sees four of your friends all racing to survive on screen at the same time. It is really fun, though a bit mental to follow at times, and very easy to pick up and play.


Hypership Out of Control was a real surprise and at only 80ms points, that’s just 69p to download the full game (stop reading and go download it now, really, what’re you waiting for?) It’s a great fun, fast and overall enjoyable game that brings back the feeling of being in a arcade and the fun of chasing the highest score. Hypership Out of Control may be short, but at 80 points it does a hell of a good job and may even steal some of your CoD or Halo: Reach time from you with its fast, addictive, frantic gameplay.

I feel the need, the need for speed.





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