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Little Green Men

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 14 - 2010

It seems as though alien intelligence has evolved no further than the humble lemming.


Little green men, from Whitehawk Games, has been launched as an xbox360 indie title and is available for the princely sum of 80 mspoints. As a simple lemmings clone, the objective of LGM is fairly straight forward, save as many of the little guys as possible.


Each of the puzzling levels will have a target number of survivors that must be achieved in order to progress. What happens is our alien friends will appear and immediately begin plodding in a given direction. They will turn around if they walk into something solid, but will not stop for any hazards and will all die  without some intervention from the player.

In order to help the aliens, and achieve the objective of reaching the goal with a target number of survivors, the player can assign tasks to the LGM. This is done using a radial menu and allows the player to have a LGM block the path, build a bridge of sorts, dig and wear a parachute, amongst other tasks. The player only has a limited number of these tasks to assign and the puzzle element comes from having to work out how best to negotiate the levels with these limited abilities.

So there you have it, standard lemmings gameplay. Nothing new or particularly interesting then, unless you are a massive fan of the genre. What makes the game stand out is some quite devious level design. They have obviously been well thought out and provide both an entertaining and challenging experience.


But sadly this indie title is let down by rather unimpressive graphics. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics are certainly functional and certainly serve their purpose. But they are not especially nice to look at, even considering the Indie nature of the game.

But what needs to be pointed out about LGM is that the developers have simply knocked this together as test of what they can do. The team consists of two guys (Martin Hawkins and Jason White), both with full time jobs and lives to live. That makes LGM rather more impressive. If this is the result from a couple of guys in their spare time, I look forward to seeing what they can accomplish when they take it seriously. Their second game is already in development and should be around within the next two or three months. They are also developing a game for Windows Phone 7 that should be around by the end of the year.


Whilst not exactly nice to look at, and with gameplay that can be found elsewhere, one might think that LGM has little to offer. But there is definitely entertainment to be had here. The levels will keep you going for a while and the bargain price gives LGM a more desirable outlook. An impressive first entry from Whitehawk Games.




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