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GamersGate Release Indie Fort Bundle No.2

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The Don of Mushroom King

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Monopoly Streets Preview

Posted by TurtleGirl On September - 16 - 2010

During my time at the EA’s ‘Play 4 Xmas’ showcase I had the opportunity to get some hands on time with Monopoly Streets. When you cast your mind back to your childhood and the Monopoly board game we all played, it seemed like you spent hours going round and round a board trying your best to purchase as many valuable properties as you could afford. I always tried to buy the train stations and, once I had the complete set, let out a maniacal laugh whenever someone else landed on them.

monopoly 1

Monopoly Streets by EA tries to keep the same concept of the classic board game and bring it to the colsoles. the game is brought to life by setting it within a living and breathing world where everything is seen at street level. The amazing 3D animation draws the player into Monopoly’s fully animated world. The player first chooses their token, from the selection of famous metal tokens of the original such as; wheelbarrow, car, Scottie dog, iron and top hat. The metal tokens truly come to life as they are fully animated while they move around the board. The Monopoly Streets board consists of forty spaces containing the famous 28 properties, which include the 22 colored streets, four railroads and two utilities, and three Chance spaces, three Community Chest spaces, a Luxury Tax space, an Income Tax space, and the four corner squares: GO, Jail, Free Parking, and Go to Jail. I chose the lady with the Scottie dog as I started the game and she quietly took her canine for a stroll around the board. You can fast forward the gameplay as well, if you feel that a cutscene is taking too long as you move along the squares. To be honest, I had some reservations about how well the transition would be from classic board game to console, especially given former attempts. Surprisingly the transition went well and, although my expectations were low before I started the game, it didn’t take long for me to change my mind.

monopoly 2

Basically the game pretty much plays the same way as the original. But now you can actually see the properties transform as you buy and upgrade them. So, as I bought the Water works property, I got to see a giant sized tap with water gushing out of it, onto the land below. Giant skyscrapers grow as you invest in them and they tower over the Monopoly city. Players can even engage in head to head bidding auctions, where you can actually control how much you want to bid using the control pad. You can choose to play against your other friends locally or online to see who is the best property dealer. Within the streamline play, players can play the extensive house rules system, allowing you to play in your own time. If you don’t like the rules of the game, you can even make up your own rules for gameplay, which could provide some interesting entertainment depending on how nice or ruthless you feel.

Monopoly Streets brings the authentic Monopoly feeling to the console and lets you sell, buy and trade properties to your heart’s content. You can buy and build glitzy hotels whilst trying to save up your cash for those inevitable bills that seem to come at the most inappropriate times. Players can choose from easy, medium and hard modes, depending on how confident you feel in the property market. Monopoly Streets is classic family entertainment for all ages.

Although the core gameplay is the same, the new visuals and 3D animations take this tired board game to a whole new level, introducing it to the age of video games. The building representations even offer the player a quick and easy way to see what the other players are up to, by simply watching their buildings change.


The exceptionally crisp and rich graphics, combined with the lively soundtrack and effects, added an appeal to this board game adaptation that, I think, will surprise many people. Put aside your previous Monopoly experiences and try out Monopoly Streets when it is released. I think you will be impressed.

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  1. Natalie Sabin Said,

    Ive just recently purchased the Monopoly game app for my iphone. I have been addicted to it. Lets face it there is nothing like sitting down with your family actually playing it, but I can see appeal of playing online rather than just against ‘the computer’. I hope that this new versions will attract new, younger players that would get bored of a board game! Monopoly is a classic and sometimes things should not be modernised and should be left as the are…but this may be an exemption to the rule, I look forward to playing it 😀

    Posted on January 7th, 2011 at 11:39 pm

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