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PSN Store Update

Posted by Bazaboy On September - 17 - 2010

It’s that time of the week once again, the time of week that brings us gamers another weekly update to the PSN Store. If it had not been for the release of a new PlayStation gaming peripheral in the shape of Sony’s motion control package, Move, this week’s update would have been pretty small. But instead there is a good selection of both Move controller games and demos. Although I did not line up to buy the device on Wednesday the chances are I will pick one up eventually as my curiosity gets the better of me.

But because I do not have the Move, what I have been playing this week was Uncharted 2 until late Friday evening. I was looking to play some single player stuff and I eventually came down to a choice between a hard difficulty play through of Batman Arkham Asylum or, what I eventually went for, Final Fantasy XIII once again. On it’s release I really enjoyed the game and over the next few weeks got right into the game. But I eventually needed a break from it and as more new games came along, I started playing them and forgot all about it. So come Friday evening I popped it back into my console and took off once again, right from where I left it. I even went so far as to play seven hours straight on Sunday and I am on a quest to play it though to the end.

With that out of the way let us have a little look at what is available on the store this week.


Tumble looks to be the perfect title for people who have picked up the Move controller to learn the basics. The game gives the player, or players as the case may be, a huge selection of challenges, most of which involve you picking up blocks and shapes made from various materials using your Move Controller and then placing them in certain places and balancing them on top of each other. Some other challenges I have seen on looking into the game involve the player placing differently weighted blocks on a see saw and I am sure there are many other more challenging tasks to be discovered. On top of this, there is a two player mode, for which of course you need two Move controllers and then you can play against each other in a series of competitive challenges.



Flight control is a game that originated on handheld devices, most notably the iPhone. I recently reviewed that version of the game and it can be found here on the site. Although you do not need the Move controller for this one, it is compatible and I can imagine that it would play a lot better with it than with the regular PS3 controller. The game involves you directing various planes and helicopters to colour coded landing strips and platforms by tracing on screen their flight paths whilst avoiding any collisions. Of course, this being an upgraded HD version of the game, it both looks better and there are a few more levels included. Even though the stages themselves are single screens, it’s nice to see some new ones. The only other thing I have to say is that if this plays anything like the iPhone version, I must warn you that it will be seriously addictive.



I have been waiting patiently for a traditional Space Invaders game to come to the PlayStation. It was my favourite arcade game way back when I was a little kid and so it has a special place in my heart and always will. So with the arrival of Space Invaders Infinity Gene that’s what we get. Not only do you get to play the old school version of Space Invaders, but there is so much more to the game. How it works is that you start off by playing Space Invaders as we all know it and love it. But with each level you go up, there is an evolution as the game changes in a small way and continues to do so as you play. Of course you can still play and love the old school Space Invaders game. But the new takes on the game are really interesting and makes this a fast action shooter that is a lot of fun to play and constantly giving you something new to deal with.


MY AQUARIUM £3.99/€4.99

My Aquarium is not technically a game, it’s more a piece of software designed to be relaxing, turning your PS3 and your television into a virtual fish tank with not only numerous objects to decorate your tank with, but also a huge selection of fish bringing it to life. They start as young fish and grow into larger versions of themselves. There is not really much point to this apart from the fact that it really can help you get into a totally Zen state of mind.



For those that have not picked up either of these games over the past few weeks when they were released, but were tempted, then this week is the perfect time to sort that out with this introductory offer which is available for this week alone. It offers you both classic point and click adventures, which can be played in both their original format and their brand new shiny polished graphics versions. Both of these games for the price they are being sold for is an amazing offer. It should be a definite pick up if you have any interest in this type of game whatsoever. But be quick because next Friday they will return to their regular price.


Next up this week we have a whole host of game demos for the PlayStation Move and instead of listing them and then talking about them, I will just write it all into one chunk of writing, naming and talking a bit about of each of them, giving you the basic idea of what is involved. All of these demos are free to download and all of them apart from the very first one, require the PlayStation Move to play. The first is Move compatible and is a patched version of an existing PlayStation title.


HEAVY RAIN MOVE EDITION – allows the player to use the Move to mimic the movements as depicted on the screen. The game was fun to play as it was with the regular controller, but I can imagine with the Move it could be a whole new experience.

ECHOCHROME II – if you played the first Echochrome game, then you have a basic idea of what is involved here, only this time there are new features and puzzles especially designed with the Move in mind, using it as a flashlight to create shadows with which to solve puzzles. With over one hundred new stages and the ability to create your own and share them using the Move ensures there will always be plenty to do.

BEAT SKETCHER – This one is all about drawing to the beat of the music. The perfect title to show off your artistic side with either a free draw mode or by going up against other players in some sketch based gaming. This one has Move written all over it by the sounds of things.

SPORTS CHAMPIONS – This is more like it. This is what I see the Move being good at, a bunch of sports games within a game. But included here are not really the sports you would expect. What you are given are things such as Disc Golf, where you try to throw a frisbee and hit a target. This is followed by Gladiator Battles. What this one entails is, well if you need me to tell you then there is no hope, basically swords and shields. Followed by some Beach Volleyball and a couple of sports that I think Move will be ideally suited for – Archery and Table Tennis. Things are rounded out with a nice game of Bocce, which for those who are unaware is a lot like bowling but in a more traditional form.

KUNG-FU RIDER – OK so this one needs you to imagine a game that is a mix between Pain, Jackass and some bored office workers, as the players hurls themselves along busy streets astride various wheeled objects, most notably office chairs. How this works exactly with Move I am not sure, but it is an interesting, yet really strange game and it could be worth playing just for that fact.

START THE PARTY – Is as it sounds, a party game for when you have friends around. This one uses the camera to put the player on screen before the players are faced with a wide selection of competitive yet fun games, such as keeping a small bird in the air by using handheld fans moved with your Move Controller and Bug Bash which has players compete by swatting bugs out of the air using a bug swatter funnily enough.

THE SHOOT – Is a first person shooter in which you take the role of a movie worker helping to film various action scenes. It works with Move much as you would expect it to, quite simply by aiming at your screen with the controller and firing away. A cool feature is that with the Eye Camera also being part of it, you can dodge from left to right by physically moving your body from left to right, with your movements being picked up by the camera and moving your in game character.

TV SUPERSTARS – This one I do not to much about other than you take part in various TV shows, including DIY shows and cookery shows which bizarrely involve you singing aswell. It is not all about making and taking part in the shows, it’s about the player becoming famous and this includes taking part in magazine shoots and all sorts of other activities that you would expect.

RACKET SPORTS – This is another one that is pretty self explanatory by the title and, as you would expect, is ideal for a control system like the Move. The game includes five games amongst which are Beach Tennis, Table Tennis and Squash. The only problem with this is the games all have the same basic idea behind them, therefore you have to wonder if there is enough of a difference to warrant switching from one to the other.


Enslaved Odyssey To The West is an action adventure game set in a possible future in which the human race has all but been wiped out by an army of robots. The main character in the game, Monkey, has been on the run all his life from these robots  but is eventually captured and it is during this time that he meets and works with a girl named Trip to escape. But on being knocked unconscious at one point, our hero wakes up to find some fancy head wear adorning his skull which he can not remove. It transpires that Trip has an ulterior motive and plans to use Monkey to achieve this goal. The item on Monkeys head is somehow connected to Trip and because of this, if she dies then so does he. So the player not only has to make his way through the game, climbing, jumping and fighting, whilst also protecting his unwelcome companion. Pick up the demo now to see if it’s something you may like to play.



OK, so what can I say about this one that anybody remotely interested in the sport or the game does not already know. I will admit to not really being a huge football fan, but I know many are and I know many of said fans eagerly await the arrival of these games annually. I will not go to much into what is involved in the game as I think most of us know how the sport is played. However I will mention some of the new features being added this year. Passing the ball has had a lot of work and depends a lot more on the skill of the player and the situation they are in at the time. Another new exciting feature is the customise options open to the players. A web based creation system has been implemented meaning players can create players strips and even whole teams that can then be transferred to your console for use. Also added is something that EA have been adding to more and more of their sports titles and that is the “Be A Pro Mode” where the player creates a player and controls only that player in the games throughout a career. For those that prefer the other big name Football game, there is no need to worry because also available this week to download is…



The other big soccer game that is released yearly on the console. Pro Evolution Soccer also shows up this week in demo form and again I wont go into how the game is played and focus more on a few of the new features being added to the series this year. These include improved passing and player AI. The AI improvements affect not only your own team mates and that of the opposing team but also the goal keepers. To go with these improvements, the player animations and physics have all been improved upon. There are also customisable options but these do not sound as deep as the ones in the previous game we talked about. However, the option to customise features in any game is always a welcome one. So whatever your preferred choice of football game, the demos for both are available here and now.



Much like the football games above, I wont go into detail about what is required in the sport as we all know what is involved. A lot of what is new is based around the games cover star Michael Jordan, with players taking part in what is called the Jordan Challenge. The player must achieve ten of Jordan’s Career accomplishments. In the creating a legend mode, players take control of the star when he was a rookie starting out and guide him through his career to a legendary status. The game of course has been improved upon in the graphics stakes, giving the game a more polished look over last years title. Here is the fans chance to give it a try before release.



Without going into too much detail, this free download is basically a download to update the PlayStation Ten Pin Bowling title High Velocity Bowling, so that it is now playable using… yes you guessed it, the Move peripheral. How this would work with the bowling game I think is pretty obvious as it is really another sports game that you would imagine being made for the motion control device.



First up for Eyepet this week, like so many things on the store update, is a free upgrade making this game Move Compatible. With the game already relying so much on the camera, hopefully the Move controller brings even more depth and interactivity to this game, allowing player to get even more hands on with their EyePet. If that was not enough, EyePet also gets a little paid for content this week in the shape of a new styling pack, giving you the chance to dress up and play farmer. Hopefully it does not involve manure or anything.



This weeks ModNation Racers pack has a distinct Caddyshack feel to it. Golf and gophers are always a funny combination. As always, this pack can be used as it is, which gives you a gopher wearing golfing clothing and quite fittingly races a golf kart, or both the Mod and the Kart can be broken down and used in your own creations. It breaks down like this: for your Mods you are given a golf hat, gopher nose and a sweater vest and for the kart itself you are given the golf kart body and the golf kart seat all for you to use in whichever way you see fit. This is perfect for ModNation racers fans who are golf fans or love new kits for building their own creations.



To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the NHL game series, this pack was initially a pre-order bonus for the game which has now been released to the public in the store. What you get in the pack is some kit for your “Be A Pro” skater. The kit includes skates, gloves and stick which also give the player a small boost in their hockey career. This one seems like a purchase for hardcore fans of the game and is an easy pass for those who are just casual players.



Holy Driver by Dio £0.99/€1.49
Irish Blood, English Heart by Morrisey £0.99/€1.49
Nirvana by Juliana Hatfield
Stand Up and Shout By Dio £0.99/€1.49
Straight Lines By Silverchair £0.99/€1.49
That’s Tha Homie By Snoop Dogg £0.99/€1.49
This Charming Man By The Smiths £0.99/€1.49
Writing On The Walls By Underoath £0.99/€1.49

And as we approach the end of this weeks update, we have a quick look at the video section which, compared to what is above, is pretty empty this week. Of course we have the latest FirstPlay episode 024 yours for the sum of £0.99/€1.20 and it’s also joined by the following…


After the video selection comes the usual list of bells and whistles that have been added for giving your system the personal and original look. Again there is not a huge amount to choose from this week, but there may be something there that grabs your attention. Here is the list…


And with that, this huge PlayStation Move special store update comes to an end. Hopefully there is something there for everyone, especially if you are picking up the Move Peripheral. I will probably be picking it up in the near future sometime. But until then I will be immersing myself back into the world of Final Fantasy with an aim to finishing the game. And with Worms 2 eventually on the PlayStation network, I am finding myself playing that more and more. You really cannot beat a good four player battle in Worms. Whatever you are all playing yourselves, have fun and happy gaming.


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