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Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue Review

Posted by TurtleGirl On September - 29 - 2010

Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue developed by Disney Interactive Studios takes young gamers on a magical and wonderful adventure on the Nintendo DS.

disney 1

Disney Fairies: Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue follows on from the movie in which Tinkerbell meets Lizzy, who is a little girl with a belief in the magic of fairies. Gamers fly to the fairy camp where they will meet Tinkerbell and her other fairy friends. The minister of summer wants to see you immediately and you have to visit her in the Common area, where she has a very important task for you to perform. You’ll have to grow your very own summer garden for the big end of season tea party. Players are given the responsibility of growing a selection of different flowers in the garden.

Players begin by creating their very own fairy from four different types – Tinker, Light, Water or animal Fairy. Each of them have various outfits and skills. After players have chosen their fairy they can personalise it by choosing skin and eye colour and selecting front and back hair. You also have a choice of which type of wings you’re fairy wants to wear too, which were very pretty.

Once you’ve personalised your fairy, you’ll be shown into various flying areas. These include; work area, common area, camp pantry and Kitchen Nook. As you enter the Fairy Camp, Tinkerbell introduces you to some of her close fairy friends. Players will meet bubbly characters such as Fawn, who takes care of all the Fuzzy Wuzzies, Rosetta who makes sure all the beautiful flowers such as roses are made red and the violets made blue, and Brave and bold Terence who is a dust keeper, who gives fairies their daily dose of pixie dust.

After entering Fairy Ring, you’re given a brief introduction on how the controls are used. Players simply tap a spot to move with the Nintendo DS stylus and have your fairy follow the path. If you tap or continue sliding to a place that’s far away in the distance, your fairy will fly fast. Interaction with the various characters is easy by simply tapping a bubble above each fairy.

disney 3

The top screen of the DS shows you a grid with the locations and the bottom screen is your playing area. The main menu gives you the chance to change your fairy outfit, check your item list, view awards and tutorials. The magic of the game is the chance to choose fairy outfits and be rewarded with clothes. Later on within the game, Tinkerbell shows you how to make brand new clothes by cutting and sewing flower petals together. This will mean that you will need to grow a flower first to enable you use the material. Inside a special area called Solstice Shoppe, you are encouraged to make your very own petal dress. Simply tap a petal group on the bottom screen, slide the petals so they fit into one of the open spots and fill all the open spots to complete the fabric. Then lastly slide the gauge left and right to adjust the waistline. It’s a little hard to explain and a bit fiddly to begin with. Everything is done in a two minute time frame, so you have to be very quick and very precise. If you muck it up once, then you’ve failed. You can try again, or if you fail a couple of times you can use pixie dust to skip that particular game. Once you’ve completed this task, it’s quite nice to see your outfit in all its splendour.

Gardening is simple as you select a planting area, decide which plant seed you wish to grow and try your very best to take care of the beautiful flowers. A small selection of maintenance icons are set up on the right hand side in order to give your flowers some much needed love and attention. After you’ve planted your seed, you can choose whether to water it or shine down amazing rays of sunshine and watch them sprout and bloom.

Gamers will also be introduced to cooking, so you better have some good cooking skills handy. During your cooking experience you’ll be asked to make delicious cookies which will involve you rolling out pastry, cutting, and decorating in a two minute time limit. Again, you have to be pretty accurate with the icing on each cookie because you have to replicate an exact picture.

I will admit to loving the mini games in this DS title. There are 30 to choose from and all of them were quite entertaining. One of the interesting mini games was to move a bucket back and forth across the screen which would catch small water drops as they slide down and drop off the vines. I had 20 to collect in the two minute limit, which proved to be frantic as I wasn’t always sure where the drop would fall. It’s a bit sneaky that one. Another game involved me getting inside a leaf boat which had to make its way through various water currents and try to avoid sticks that obstructed my journey. At times you will have to jump using your leaf boat sail to leap over the twigs and branches that get in the way. This took a few attempts, due to me being constantly sucked into a swirling vortex of water that seemed to sneak up on me. It was incredibly difficult, but I got through it in the end.

disney 2

Overall Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue is an excellent game for everything they’ve squeezed into this title. I’m reckoning that this game is tailored for the young gamer and suited for little girls that love dressing up and making their own clothes, collecting all the various specials seeds needed, indulging in a bit of cooking and enjoying a beautiful storyline. I enjoyed sewing together flower petals to create my own petal dress. I know I’m going to regret saying this for fear of being completely mocked but it was quite good. Flying around Pixie Hollow you could discover all the amazing levels and even find treasure boxes hidden around the game. The graphics were truly amazing and boasted vibrant and clear sprites with magical music. Around every corner of Pixie Hollows there seemed to be something interesting going on.  A nice selection of mini games to suitably entertain a young audience and huge amount of outfits and seeds to collect. Throughout the game, players can grow a variety of flowers to bloom in their very own garden, giving children a certain amount of responsibility without them realizing it.

I think this is a briliant title for a younger audience in which a beautiful storyline blossoms and players can feel connected to the fairytale experience.




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