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101-in-1 Megamix Review

Posted by TurtleGirl On October - 6 - 2010

101-in-1 Megamix is a series of mini games on the PSP from Nordcurrent. The game offers a huge variety of games ranging from puzzles to racing and arcade games. Each game is vibrant and colorful with simple yet interesting sprites. Players will be exposed to many different game worlds. You work through a selection of challenges and, if you’re successful, you will be be rewarded with new TV channels offering you more of these rather cool mini games. The game offers fantastic value for money and, boasting over 100 games, will give countless hours of fun for one or two players.


The games are relatively easy and straightforward. In the painful sports section of the game I tried out ‘Candy Licking’. In this game, you’re presented with a huge open mouth. The idea of the game is to lick your way to victory by keeping the candy on a stick over a green path. It was fun as I tried my best to guide my lolly around the mouth within the green line.

Another fun game was ‘Monster Workout’. Within this game, you’re running towards the screen on a road and behind you, in the distance, is a huge monster that wants to eat you or trample you to death. Using the shoulder buttons you run along the street and use the X button to jump over various obstacles that get in your way. If you’re successful then you will be rewarded with many points, but fail and you lose points. This game was incredibly intense as the monster makes its way towards you. It’s a good idea not to fall head over heels on the obstacles, which I frequently did.

Hamster Ball was another super funny game and this involved hitting a hamster as far as possible with a club. Resembling one of the Yeti Sports games, hitting the hamster is not as easy as it sounds. No hamsters were harmed during this game, mostly because I kept missing.

Ice pyramid consists of a penguin standing on top of an ice pyramid, like they do. Your objective is to kick out ice bricks one after the other, but not let the penguin topple from the top. Have you ever tried to keep a penguin from falling?. Yup, it is difficult, but enjoyable to play.

In the mini game called ‘Imbalanced Model’, you’re given a small platform upon which a bear is standing precariously. You have to keep the bear balanced using the stick on your PSP, which was difficult, and you have to have very good balancing skills.


Anyone familiar with the WarioWare games on DS will certainly recognise the formula here. The games last longer than those found in WarioWare, but offer that same quick hit thrill. The chances of getting bored whilst playing this game are virtually zero, as each game offers enough variety to keep it fresh and fun. Let’s face it, a collection of quick hit mini games is going to have about as much depth as a pancake, but with this game it doesn’t seem to matter. The player is driven to unlock the new games just to see what they are, making it very easy to lose hours to this game in one sitting. An impressive feat for a collection of mini games.

Whilst making comparisons to Warioware, it is worth pointing out that, unlike Nintendo’s mini gmae collection, Megamix has given the games much more colour and graphics on par with the Flash games that can be found all over the internet.


At £14.99, this game offers incredible value for money. If you work it out (grabs calculator) that is just under 15p per mini game. You can’t even buy an iPhone game for that price! The mini games are all very well integrated into the overall game, which is well polished and easy to navigate. To be honest, I am having real trouble finding anything wrong with this title. PSP owners, go and buy it now.




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