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Big Bad Flower

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 29 - 2010

It’s really big and really bad!

I think that the current state of my garden accurately portrays the way I feel about gardening, and plants in particular. I don’t trust ’em. They are sneaky little blighters that pretend to be all cute and pretty, whilst summoning the evil might of Bees into the garden and, whilst your back is turned for just a second (okay, possibly six months) they grow to such a degree that they are causing a hazard to passing aircraft.

You may think I am crazy, but obviously others share my apocalyptic vision of plant life. Big Bad Flower, developed by Big Bad Brush (probably in some big bad offices) for the big bad iPhone is a game that reveals the true nature of flowers and just how dangerous they are. An evil scientist has decided to take over the world using an evil plant that keeps on growing. Oh, it can blow bubbles too – if that’s not a cause for concern, I don’t know what is.


The premise is quite simple. In the role of the offending plant, the player must defend themselves from the various creatures and machines that are trying to prevent it’s world domination. To do this the player must draw a circle around the valiant defenders on screen, thus trapping them in a bubble, and then swipe the flower to make the petals spin and blow them away.

The player will work through three different environments on their path to world domination, each with five levels. After each level the plant grows. So enemies at the start may be a bunch of squirrels throwing their nuts at you. But before long the player will find themselves fending off attacks from soldiers or even aliens. The player can also unlock three bonus modes through the course of the game. So far as variety goes, the game is slightly lacking, with the gameplay remaining more or less identical throughout. But that is not saying that the gameplay is not good, it just could have done with a little variation.

The controls of the game work fairly well, if a little slowly. But this is more down to the fact that ddrawing a circle takes time, rather than any direct problem with the touch mechanism. And this is where the game can become frustrating. Unlike a lot of games that revolve around removing items from the screen with a tap, this one requires the drawing of a circle. This is not something that can be done quickly and the player will soon find that the enemies mount up. Drawing a larger circle is an option, encompassing multiple enemies at once. But this carries with it the higher risk of the bubble popping before it is blown away. This whole method can cause frustration, but it also makes the player think carefully and adjust their tactics when need be.

The visuals are cute and colourful. Even the evil plant has a certain cuteness about it, which is slightly unnerving. Everything is finished in a cartoon manner, which makes the game look good and come across as unoffensive, which is good stuff for such an apocalyptic game.

One downside to Big Bad Flower is the games longevity. The leaderboards are only local and there are only 15 levels and three bonus levels. Once this is all done with, there really is no reason to come back for more.


Big Bad Flower is a fun little game which, despite being short and lacking in variety, will offer the player an enjoyable challenge. It looks good, plays well and involves a plant trying to take over the world. What more could you want?



Big Bad Flower, from Big Bad Brush, is available on the App Store for just £0.59


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