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FIFA 11 (Xbox360)

Posted by FuryAc3 On October - 19 - 2010

This week we’re going to look at FIFA 11 on the 360. With it’s yearly updates and year after year releases of the franchise, will this year’s game be any different? With FIFA 10 winning the fight with PES 10 to be top football sim last year, will it up it’s game to warrant £40 of you cash? With the new PES just around the corner, is it going to be a star striker or doomed to be relegated to the lower league?


The layout to FIFA 11 is very similar to the previous editions of FIFA, with a few added extras, such as Be A Goalkeeper mode which allows you to play as the keeper for a full season. Other changes to this edition are the combination of the Manager mode with Be A Pro, where you get to create your own player and take them from the lower leagues to the starry heights of the Premiership. Career mode I found to be a great way to add more depth and longevity to the game. The game continues to have the licences for all the major leagues from across the world, 28 of them in total, though it is missing a few of the international sides. But on the whole, if you are a footy fan, odds are that you’ll find you favourite team in the game.


The visuals of the game are fantastic. The character models of the players are top notch with the facial expressions and emotions of the players being more realistic than ever. Another addition to this year’s game is Create A Chant mode, which allows you to create special entrance music or goal celebration music, adding a personal layer to the game. The animations of the players have been improved with players acting aggressive and tussling for the ball, and new celebrations adds an atmosphere to the game. Also the stadiums look absolutely superb with various cut scenes which show off details such as stewards, while the crowds are more detailed than ever and will jump up as you get closer to goal. The game also has a weather system which sees rain, snow and fog affecting the way the players play and how the ball handles on the pitch. You can even play games at different times of the day.


The gameplay is the most realistic I have ever seen from a FIFA game, with the ball physics and mechanics given a few tweaks. Also crosses from corners have been fine-tuned making it easier to whip the ball in the box, and with the improved heading which sees players perform a range of different animations, it is easier now to convert corners into goals. Players will play and move more like their realistic counterparts. On top of this, there is a stack of new features and modes which have been added to the game like handball mode and in-game stats. You can also now watch highlights from a game you just played after the match, or you can download the highlights from Xbox Live to watch the best in the world play. There is the added opportunity to make your own team at www.easportsfootball.com and then share it with your friends, so they can use it in their games.


The multiplayer side of things is where the game really kicks off, with multiple game modes, such as the old favourite quick ranked match for a fast competitive game, to the Be A Pro mode which now features 11 v 11 matches, a first for the FIFA games as players now can control the goalkeeper. The live season mode returns which allows you to play as a team and get live updates of players fitness, which can alter the way you play the game. There is still the usual fault found in all sports games, which is when, minutes or seconds before you are about to win the match, your opponent suddenly quits the game. This is not the end of the world though, as you still get your points for the match. Your opponent doesn’t, however, which I believe is a good way to prevent players from quitting games.


So this year’s update of FIFA has really upped it’s game and raised the bar on football games. It has improved on FIFA 10 and, with it’s new modes, features and on-line play, this is the most complete football sim there has been to date. A must of footy fans and a solid buy for new players looking to try the game for the first time. Until next year and the inevitable release of FIFA 12, this is the star player.

Eeeeeeeee was that offside?

Wee Furyac3




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