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Girl Gamers UK were invited to attend ‘Britain’s Best Nintendo Gamer 2010’ event on Saturday 23rd October at Millbank Tower, London. We were very excited at the prospect of seeing the top 16 finalists who made it through the coin battle heats in New Super Mario Bros Wii, which were held across Britain with association with GAME and Gamestation. Girl Gamers  UK waited anxiously as the finalists arrived by coach and walked past the special red roped barrier into the building where the event was taking place.


welcomed the finalists, along with their friends and family, as they made their way up to the 2nd floor of Millband Tower.


Many of the gamers were dressed up as British Spy officer 007 James Bond, kitted out in the famous black tuxedo and silk bow tie, to celebrate the pre-launch of GoldenEye 007 and the best dressed competition ‘Dress to Thrill’.



A selection of HDTV’s and consoles were set up around the room for gamers to try out the latest releases from Nintendo which included games such as; Metroid: Other M, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Professor Layton and the Lost Future, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Epic Mickey, and Wii Party.


A special corner was set up for Guitar Hero fans and they lined up to battle it out on the new Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. The winner went on to receive a Limited edition Red Wii Bundle. As you can see from the photograph, some gamers were literally dressed up as punks and rocking out to the latest rock tracks. Girl Gamers UK are loving the bright green punk hairstyle.


Mario himself made a surprise appearance during the opening event and shook hands with finalists and guests. He even found enough time to give me a quick cuddle. As you can see from the photograph, we had an amazing time.


Various competitions were held across the room, which had gamers competing on New Super Mario Bros Wii to collect as many famous gold coins in a Nintendo level to see if they could win one of the Limited Edition Red Wii Bundles. The 16 finalists were rewarded with one year’s supply of Nintendo games and a new Nintendo 3DS, once it’s been released.


During the afternoon, the 16 finalists were led down to a secret room in which they had a number of Nintendo Wii’s set up with GoldenEye 007. The finalists were put into teams and had to battle it out through several heats against each other in the GoldenEye game. After the session, the 16 very excited and anxious finalists moved to the small theatre where their game would be projected onto a big screen.


This was a good opportunity for everyone to see what the gameplay was like as they each took turns to battle it out. It was intense, pulses were racing, fingers were moving frantically over the classic Nintendo Wii controllers, and sweat and determination was the only thing getting these finalists through this testing and gruelling time.


There was fun, laughter, concentration and skill ensuring an entertaining gameplay session. Cheers and shouts from the audience encouraged the players. After all, this would allow the winner to go to New York and visit Nintendo World with four of their family members.


During the event there was also the best dressed competition called ‘Dressed To Thrill’ where Nintendo would judge the best dressed gamer. Most of the audience were dressed as James Bond, but the true winner that came out on top was a gamer dressed as a russian soldier, equipped with a AK-47 weapon.



As we return to the GoldenEye game, the finalists battled it out on screen. We watched the excitement grow even stronger during the 10 minute gameplay. There could be only one person crowned as Britain’s Best Nintendo Gamer 2010 winner and that was Connor Duffy. Connor received a red Dsi XL, a year’s supply of games and a trip to the states. Girl Gamers UK congratulated Connor after he received his prizes and he looked excited at the prospect of going to New York, after the intial shaking and nerves had passed. We caught up with Connor after the event for an interview, which will be here on GGUK later in the week, along with video footage from the event. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Nintendo for inviting us to this great event. Everyone went home with a special Nintendo bag filled with various goodies. I found Princess Peach in mine.

The 16 finalists were:

Steven Maidens
William Robinson
James Crisp
Thomas Wakelin
Christopher Taylor
James-Miller Igietseme
Duncan Donald McDonald Ingram
Christopher Cox
Andrew Cox
Yee Cheung Chan
Erin Connolly
Jai Valambhia
Mert Duruturk
John Hodson
Joseph Knott

And, of course, the overall winner: Connor Duffy

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  1. Tweets that mention Girl Gamers UK attend 'Britain’s Best Nintendo Gamer 2010’ | -- Topsy.com Said,

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Turtlegirl73, Diane. Diane said: Girl Gamers UK attend ‘Britain’s Best Nintendo Gamer 2010’ http://tinyurl.com/3alossj [...]

    Posted on October 26th, 2010 at 4:57 pm

  2. Thomas smith Said,

    Hi i went to this too great fun day thanks to my club nintendo invite :D
    i would like to say that the photo of the chap with headphones winning the red wii cheated and fixed the mario score . 3 of his friends did not even move and let him collect every single coin i was winning with a score of 190 odd coins only to be pushed down by these cheaters unfairly

    thanks Thomas

    Posted on October 27th, 2010 at 4:03 pm

  3. Miller Said,

    yes… becasuse 190 is a legit score with 4 players who are of the same skill level

    im the guy who “cheated” to get the wii

    I’m not gonna tolerate being told I cheated by a person who got 190 I already know I was not the only 1 who played with a group of 4 anyone saying otherwise is lying.

    I didn’t wanna have to win that way but it was I already knew it was required especially with people playin with people they knew and I’m sure you were 1 of them also so calling me a “cheat” is all well and good but there were others I just did it better on the day

    a legit score with people playing to win is nowhere near 190 + and every1 knows this

    Posted on October 28th, 2010 at 6:45 pm

  4. Rubedo Said,

    I love the amount of crap that you spout out Thomas. He may have been the only one that wasn’t cheating. Must be jealousy, because I’ve played that guy with the headphones too and I can say that he’s one of the most competitive gamers I’ve ever met.

    Posted on October 28th, 2010 at 7:00 pm

  5. Miller Said,

    thanks 4 backing me rubedo, I’ll admit what I did was NOT in the sprit of competitve gaming well natural sprit anyway. Whoever got most coins won it…

    I did what I did 2 combat groups of 4 and on the day my group was better

    people did what they did 2 get their names on the leaderboard… at least I’m just not false about it or trying to sugar coat what happened can’t say the same for everyone though

    Posted on October 28th, 2010 at 7:43 pm

  6. Thomas smith Said,

    i did not cheat at all i did not play against friends! just 3 random people!
    call it what you like cheating makes you a cheat if others on the day they are too but i didnt see anyone cheat like you did, you might as well have said here are my 3 invisible friends and put the wiimotes on the floor
    because of you and possibly another group of people stopped me from winning i played legit i have every right to say this, i dont know who the others are so i cant have a go at them

    all i know is you cheated and won an expensive prize and stopped legit players and your not even sorry for it which says allot!

    Posted on October 28th, 2010 at 9:22 pm

  7. Miller Said,

    NO I wont be sorry about it because at oxford street I was “cheated” the exact same way and no one was able to help me out despite my protetsts of wanting 2 be legit so instead of wcomplain i went back next day and got the leaderboard

    im sorry i dont believe that 4 one second 190 aint a legit score in 4 player mode not in the least if anything u were the mario with a group i watched u were just subtle about coin gathering

    AND R U KIDDING u clearly didnt watch the final game did u in which another group of 4 had got 2 watch how i played and had there chance of winning they dupicated EXACTLY what i did but messed up on 1 bit

    I would be sorry if i was the ONLY 1 to do this IF this was the case however who used that method BUT that was FAR from the case

    but what ur angry about if the fact I won if I did win u had the other group who also scored 200+ so basically more than 1 group used this method but ur angry at the 1 who did it best that aint right either

    but unlike u ive done something about it, i would actually like 2 aviod tournaments layouts such as these so on the day I spoke with Iain Lee as he was willing to take suggestions from me on how 2 aviod such tatics being used

    winning legit was nothing but a cute gesture that was not gettin ur name on leaderboard i found that out the hard way I actually am sorry it came to that but i wont apologise as if I was the creator of the method and the only 1 to use it either


    Posted on October 29th, 2010 at 1:52 am

  8. Howarth Said,

    Yes, I did go to one of these new super mario bros wii events, and while it was fun, it was definatly not competative in the legit sence. There was a gaint loophole on how this event was scructured (2 highest coin scores go to the finals) due to the fact that the entreats were not randomised into some sort of fashion. (they were letting people play against the next person in line, in short, most contestants were playing thier friends) My personal experiance in Birmingham was pretty much against someone younger then me, and we were pretty much getting coins while trying to oust the other player. 0-2 was close, since his score was roughly 130, and mine was 112, and the next 2 levels we died early from trying to keep up with the stage and jumping on one another, so my final score ended up being 189. and while I could, say I tryed. I then turn around to find people taking dives for thier friend/opponent. even with the referies watching thier games. So I go to a referie, and inform/ask then about how they are allowing this, and if they are aware that this pretty much kills the whole “competition” of the tournament, and yet they claimed since there is no rule against it there is nothing wrong with it. did Nintendo did not think this could be avoided? or was it overlooked, I don’t know myself.

    But the fact remains is that if Nintendo ever decided to host another event like this, (with whatever game they have in mind) then rules need to be placed, and enforced to prevent this sort of loophole from happening again.

    Miller did well in winning even when he tryed playing fair the first time round, since I know the guy myself. LUIGI GOT COIN SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on October 29th, 2010 at 9:49 am

  9. Thomas smith Said,

    excuse me i did not cheat i had a legit 190 odd score and i played with 3 random people.

    like you said there might have been 1 other group at the end who tried to do the same but only to stop you and your right they messed up you were the 1st person on the day to cheat the score, the fact you dont even care that you are partly responsible for cheating legit players like me out of a possible prize, if i knew the other people who tried the same i would have a go at them too but i dont know you they are sadly

    i was luigi and i played against 2 young kids and othe rother must have been their father i had no arrangment i just played my best got 190 odd only to be cheated out of a prize you think thats fair !

    Posted on October 30th, 2010 at 1:04 am

  10. Miller Said,

    I was the first one to cheat LOL ok now i really do now know u have no knowledge about what went down

    I was not the 1st this is purely because we didnt even have four 2 start with we noticed the group doin things from ages ago but just doing it in subtle stages clearly u didnt we actually had 2 ask a person and he agreed because we explained what happened and what would happen if we didnt have a 4th person

    and NO i do not think its fair far from it… but the whole layout of the tournament was flawed, so ill say this I had the opportunity to win knowing what was going to happen if i didnt do it with the intention of topping board I had four people I knew i was only getting one shot whilst the other group would be able 2 line up again which is exactly what happened

    they got 2 watch how we did it but apparently u think we are the creators all i can say to that is keep blaming me or do some research at the oxford street leader boards u’ll notice the same 2 one person in 4th and one in first names only this time I won because I wasnt so naive

    the only reason i reply is because unlike most I didnt enjoy doing this but at the same time im not gonna be outsmarted by people as i once was. U have a point I had to sink to their level but if I didnt they would walk away with the prize. U dont know the people who also did this but u dont know me either u just know me by picture form. I wasnt not going 2 just let the wii go knowing I had a chance 2 win even if i had 2 resort to that if i hadnt others did the difference is u would be angry at them and not me and u properly wouldnt of got a reply or just thought they were actually legit

    im honest about what had happened its all I can offer and its the last ill say otherwise this will just be a circle of blah blah blah…. ive stated my point of view u have a right to be angry I was to but at the end of it I realise I hit back or just lose and I chose hit back and that was that

    whether u believe it or not I do feel bad 4 people who didnt have a chance trying 2 win without four people what I tried 2 suggest the week before was an actual tournament in which the leaders got 2 play each other instead of this random stuff even in random it depends on how good ur opponent was the “leaderboard” system was not good 1 knockout stages would have been longer but the person most decieving would have won but the rules were not changed so i went ignored basically well until I was the “only” won to cheat

    but ok if thats the viewpoint u and others will take then feel free I have said my piece its all i can do

    Posted on October 30th, 2010 at 8:32 pm

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