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My Aquarium

Posted by TurtleGirl On October - 12 - 2010

Hudson Soft have offered this interesting virtual fish tank, ‘My Aquarium’, for PlayStation 3 in which players have the opportunity to create and customize their very own aquarium with a collection of different backgrounds, gravel styles, decorations and plant life. Bascially it’s an option to use when you need a little bit of comfort and tranquility whilst at home or at the office.

pic 1

Simply having this gorgeous aquarium in the background can give the player a relaxed feeling whilst watching their fish swimming amongst the coral and listening to a selection of classical easy listening music.

Players can choose over 40 decorations to brighten up their very own unique tank. Once players have started up the aquaruim simulator, they then have the choice of tanks from the top icon. The choice comes down to the size, putting a limit on the number of fish that you have to care for. Once you’ve selected a tank, you can then choose to add your fish from the Aqua Center. There are 60 fish to choose from, such as the beautiful Emperor Angelfish to the basic Neon Tetra. There is a huge variety, with some fish having limitations on what sort of tank they can be placed in, and quite a few locked to begin with. A fish database is also offered to allow players to learn about the species of their fish and give them valuable information about which environment their fish would be suitable for. Your little fishie is going to need to be fed at some point, so you have the choice of feeding them animal food, plant food or earthworms.

pic 2

Players can explore all the different designs and environments to make their fish feel right at home. Players can change a whole host of floor objects from white sand to gravel, depending on what style they prefer. Various objects can be added to create nice pieces of scenery such as rocks, driftwood, coral, pirate’s treasure chest and a bubbler. The bubbler is quite cool as it blows out tiny air bubbles which go a long way to increasing the aquarium atmosphere.

pic 3

The backgrounds vary from a coral theme to a pitch black deep sea theme. I think most players will be impressed by the variety and choice. Lights give the tank that added  realitic feel, with such light effects as natural sunlight or Red Asian arowana light. This is the one I selected for my tank and it looks great. Your tank, though already far from plain and boring, can be further jazzed up with some glass table decorations, which can be anything from birthday hearts to special date designs. Players can even set up a special date for their aqaurium which will be celebrated with a special lightshow.

If you’re impressed with your aquarium once you’ve copnstructed it, you then take screenshots which are then sent to the photo gallery on your Playstation 3, and can be transferred to USB for use elsewhere. If photos aren’t your thing, then maybe taking a brief video of your little fishies swimming about in their tank will entice you.

pic 4

A fine music collection is also included in this simulator, with more than 40 classical songs. Personally, I think there is something to whet everyone’s appretite, even if you’re not into classical music. The music provides a relaxing and comforting background noise for the tank. This simulator allows you to grow and breed your own fish in the environment that has been personally chosen by you.

The visuals on the PlayStaion 3 are really quite stunning, looking bright, colourful and realistic. It looks like the aquarium will be further expanded in the future with DLC, so it need never get stale. Virtual aquariums may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are in the market for something a little more laid back, or a replacement for your virtual fireplace, My Aquarium offers a full featured piece of tranquility that looks great on the big screen.




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