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MySims SkyHeroes

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 20 - 2010

Big headed little dudes take to the skies.

MySims have had a bash at a lot of different genres since there inception, some with great success and others less so. But they have all carried with them a common theme of being family friendly and a strong emphasis on customisation. With this latest entry into the series, we see the bobble headed ones trying their hand at a bit of flying.


MySims SkyHeroes has a loose story that runs throughout the game which is more a way of linking together the missions than anything else. Basically the player takes on the role of a pilot suffering from amnesia. You have no idea about your background, but you seem to be exhibiting some “Maverick” style skills with a plane. As a result you are quickly enlisted into the SkyHeroes and their ongoing conflict with the forces of the Morcubus Corporation.

As one would expect from a MySims game, the player begins by creating their character. There are lots of options available to create a fully unique character, even down to the voice. You can then create your first plane. realistically there are not so many options straight out of the bag for plane creation, as the majority of the customisation options and upgrades need to be unlocked during gameplay. But it is still nice and will keep the kiddies happy.


Once you are done with all of the creating and actually get into the game, players will find themselves taking on mission after mission as the story loosely moves along. For the most part, these missions will take the form of either dog-fighting or racing. One could argue that there really isn’t a lot more that could be included in an aerial combat game, but still it feels slightly lacking in variety.

When it comes to actually controlling your planes in the sky, it’s all very painless. Being I think that it is designed for the younger audience, MySims SkyHeroes feels very much like a sky based kart racer. The planes all handle incredibly easily, with the player being able to fly like a pro in no time at all. Following the theme of the kart racer, there are various power ups scattered around the sky, offering the player such delights as shields, more powerful weapons and bursts of speed.

As one would expect from a game targetted at the more youthful gamer, none of the missions really pose that much of a challenge, although at times the player will need a second run through in order to hit the time limit, simply due to being familiar with the layout of that particular level. The various levels offer some variety, with scenery to dodge and bridges/tunnels to duck under/through, but there still could have been more in this respect.


The MySims visual style is already very well established and is carried on throughout this game, with cute characters and bright, colourful settings. As with all of the MySims games, the feeling of happiness runs through MySims SkyHeroes and, even with the various faults, the player cannot help but come away feeling a little happier than before they started playing. Th sound work has the same effect, mostly thanks to the bizarre language that all of the MySims use.

Multiplayer offers more dogfighting and racing again, both in local multiplayer and online. Whether you decide to play with or against your friends, the gameplay works very well and will provide an enjoyable experience for the players. The only problem really with the multiplayer is when taking the game online, it can be difficult to actually find a match. This is most likely due to the relatively short time since the game was released, but that does show that gamers did not rush out to buy the game on launch. Let’s hope it is a slow burner.


MySims SkyHeroes is an unoffensive game that offers a light and easy-going arcade aerial action experience. It could have been so much more than this, with the addition of a bit more variety and perhaps ramping up the difficulty a touch. It does what it says on the tin, and nothing more. MySims fans will get a buzz from this latest installment, but for others there is nothing here to get excited about. Harmless Sunday afternoon fun.




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