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New For Nintendo!

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 29 - 2010

This week’s new additions to WiiWare, DSiWare and the Virtual Console.


Reel Fishing Challenge II

Natsume Inc.  – 500 Wii Points

This fishing sequel offers up 30 varied missions to test your fishing prowess to the full. Indulge in the most natural and realistic fishing action yet. One for the Anglers, I think.


Chick Chick BOOM

tons of bits – 800 Wii Points

From what I can work out, you have a team of five Chicks, pitted against another team of five Chicks in a battle to the feathery death. Well, maybe feathery death is a bit much, but basically the player has to draw the weapons that they want to use on the opposing team. This one looks like a lot of fun, so check out the video for yourself.



Sleep Clock: Record and analyse your sleep patterns

Nintendo – 200 Nintendo Points

OK, this is an app that includes, amongst other things, a handy alarm clock on your DSi that can wake you with the built in sounds, or sounds recorded by the user themselves. The real genius of this app is that you set it when you go to bed and then, in the morning, you tell the app how well you slept, along with other details. This enables the app to analyse your sleep patterns using graphs and such. It can even give you advice on how to get a better nights sleep.


Go! Go! Island Rescue!

Connect2Media – 500 Nintendo Points

Go! Go! Rescue Squad is a great game on the iPhone, and now the Go! Go! Firefighters have made it onto the DSi. Basically disaster after disaster is falling upon the poor little Darwins and it is up to the Rescue Squad to save them again, by simply throwing them to the level exit. There are more than 50 levels of hilarious gameplay and if the game is anything like the iPhone title, it will be a whole lot of fun.


GO Series: Let’s Swing

GameBridge – 200 Nintendo Points

Don’t get excited, it’s about gymnastics. Make your way across the room by swinging from bar to bar, collecting stuff for bonus points along the way.


Virtual Console

SUPER E.D.F. Earth Defense Force

Jaleco – 800 Wii Points

Horizontal shooter action from a bygone era (well, around 18 years ago)



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