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PSN Store Update

Posted by Bazaboy On October - 29 - 2010

It’s that time of the week again, the time of week when we get to have a little look and see what goodies are being offered to us in this week’s PSN Store update. The Halloween content goes flesh eating crazy with plenty a zombie and even some pumpkins thrown in for good measure, along with your usual mix of content.

This week I have been playing, as usual as of late, Formula One 2010 as I mourn the further delay of Gran Turismo 5. I have also been playing Hustle Kings, the PSN Pool game, watch for my review of it here on the site pretty soon, and another older PSN title in the shape of Alien Breed Impact. On it’s release I was intrigued by it, but for some reason held off until recently when it was offered with a discount for a month to subscribers of PSN+. I snatched it up and have to say it was great fun game to play and would definitely recommend it. What I am however looking forward to more is the release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II this week, which is more than likely going to be my game of the week, if not the month, or possibly even until the release of that driving game. But for now it’s onto the PSN Store Update.


Most gamers will be aware of the Time Crisis games on some console or other, or the original arcade cabinet versions of the series. What it involves is much shooting action, preferably played with a light gun such as those that were connected to said arcade cabinets or some similar peripheral on your console and this new release is no different on the PS3. Time Crisis Razing Storm is not technically a new game, more a collection of previously released titles from the series namely Razing Storm itself, Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates. The games are of course handily compatible with the new Playstation Move, making the games play a lot more like they were originally supposed to, as in point at the screen and fire. Although these are ports of the original games, the developers at least have added a few new modes for gamers to play. If this does pique your interest, then you can download the demo right now and give it a go.



MaJin And The Foresaken Kingdom is a new third person adventure game, the kind we all know and love. This time however the differance is you are given a partner, wait I hear you say that is not really anything new within the genre.  What is different however is that in this game your partner is a huge Ogre, Majin, who dwarfs over the other character. This, as you may imagine, can lead to the puzzles you would expect from a game like this being on a much larger and much more epic scale. You and your giant friend attempt to save the world by defeating the evil darkness which befell it. This pairing between the smaller more agile character and the huge powerhouse of the ogre means you have to work as a pair to solve the puzzles, with one character being able to carry out tasks that the other cannot.



The demo for the latest Need For Speed game is now availble for download. The game takes the series back to it’s roots with players driving a choice of high performance sports cars while being chased by the police, who are rather frighteningly driving equally as fast sports cars only in police car liveries. The game is set within an open world with around one hundred miles of open road with races and events dotted around. The game has both a single player mode and of course, as would be expected, an online mode. But what the game tries to do, giving it a more original feel, is a feature named “autolog” which basically keeps you up to date on what your friends have done within the game, challenging you to better them and turning things into a game of one upmanship as you and fellow players of the game try to better each others times and scores. Grab the demo now to give it little try.



This is one of those games that I do not know much about and I kind of guess that it is more aimed fans of the Manga seires or movies that the game is based on. The genre is described as a Post-apocalyptic , Science fiction, Martial arts game so I am not sure if it is a fighting games based in those settings, or possibly a third person game. I can only apologise for my lack of information on the game, it happens sometimes that even when I am looking for information on a game, the best descriptions a friend could give me is that it is like your regular one on one fighting game but inbetween the bouts it takes on the form of a action game. I am sure that those who are fans will know excactly what to expect and if not, now is the perfect time to grab the demo.



Released a day earlier than the usual PSN Store update to give the pack a global release so we can all enjoy it together. Unlike the other packs for the game which added new content to the multiplayer modes, Undead Nightmare adds a whole new single player campaign for the player to once again take control our hero John Marston as, for Halloween, he fights the undead flesh munching zombies throughout the game world. Although when you compare the story here to the original that came with the game, it is relativley small. But it has to be said that for the price being charged there is more than enough to keep you entertained. Not only is there a story to follow, there are brand new stranger missions and side quests as well as a struggle to keep the undead from the towns throughout the map. You can clear one and then later on in the game the zombies will begin to invade it once again, meaning you need to return to the town to save it once again.  On top of all that there is even an addition to the multiplayer game with two new game modes in the shape of Land Grab, where players fight to capture land, and even more fun Overrun, where you and your posse are fighting waves of increasing in size zombies, which can get pretty hectic at times. This is a must buy for fans of Red Dead Redemption as it does add a whole lot of content to the game, review for this coming soon.



This one is a great bargain pack if you have yet to buy any of the content for Red Dead Redemption as what it does is bundle all three paid for packs that have been released since the games arrival at a discounted price, more or less two for three. The pack includes not only the described above Undead Nightmare but also:

The Legends And Killers Pack. The second content pack for the greatness that is Red Dead Redemption concentrates on the competitive side of things. Shootouts, team shootouts and bag games all remain unchanged, but the pack more than doubles the number of maps that these games are played over with the addition of nine new locations taken from the exsisting map, most notably Blackwater, bringing the fight to the more modern town in the game. Running through the alleys and rooftops means this one is going to be ideal for both close combat and the sniper. Theives Landing, the dreary dockside town, means lots of sneaking and hiding. Let’s not foget Tall Trees, taking the fight to the mountains and forests of the game, along with many other new locales. On top of the maps there are eight brand new player skins for us to use. These are taken from Red Dead’s predecessor Red Dead Revolver. To round things out there is a brand new weapon, the tomahawk, deadly thrown from short distances, along with new challenges for the weapon and new trophies to earn.

And Liars And Cheats Pack. This is one of the best so far adding a whole bunch of content to the online free roam mode. Most notably, and as you may guess from the title, a fan requested feature of online gambling, with both Texas Hold Em Poker and Liars Dice being added to the online side of the game allowing you, your friends and others to enjoy the games together. Also added to free roam are seven new gang hideouts for you and your posse to take on, along with several new hunting grounds. If that was not enough, there are also now online horse races and the absoloutley insane new weapon, the explosive rifle. Access to this gun is limited and ammo on short supply, but when you do get your hands on it a direct hit on an enemy will see them turn into nothing but a gory explosion of redness, with all other nearby bad guys being knocked to the ground. Must buy for Red dead fans.


THE SIMS 3 ONLINE PASS £7.99/€9.99

This here is another in an increasing number of EA’s games that requires the purchase of an online pass to access the online features, if you be happen to be purchasing a pre owned copy of the game. Buying the game brand new comes with a one time use code which opens the online features,  but if you are buying second hand then you need to be aware that to use the online features this pass must be purchased.



More Halloween goodies for everyone, well those that have Little Big Planet and did not grab this mask for Sackboy over the last two Halloweens. The mask itself is a hollowed out pumpkin with a proper scary face carved into the front, which our cute little chum wears over his head. What makes this little item even more appealing is that it is offered up to us totally free of charge.



As if we have not had enough of the Halloween and creepy stuff in the store this week and the previous weeks, here is a little more zombie action. For the third week in a row Dead Rising 2 gets a pack, The Sports Fan Skill Pack. Like the previous packs this one offers up a new costume which not only improves your stylish looks but adds and improves skills. This time the power of all sports related weapons, bats and clubs etc., is greatly increased while wearing this outfit. Along with that the player recieves improved health regeneration, permanent alcohol tolerance and a bonus for increased gambling wins. So if your preferred method for dispatching zombies is a baseball bat or a golf club, then this pack is for you, grab it now.



Fans of Pain presented with a new piece of ammunition… sorry character, in the shape Souxxie, an old school rock chick who is ready to be fired from all sorts of huge catapults or other human firing weaponary, sending them sailing through the air with the intent to cause as much damage to not only the surrounding scenery but to themselves also. Also availble for Pain players there is a new level for the Painball mode where the player fires their human ammo around a pinball table like Pain arena, bouncing off bumpers, flippers and such, all with a little hint of robot fun. It’s good once again to see Pain still being worked on and improved by the developers even after all this time.



Hot Patootie £1.59/€1.99
Sweet Transvestite £1.59/€1.99
Time Warp £1.59/€1.99
Birth Ritual By Soundgarden £1.59/€1.99
Black Hole Sun By Soundgarden £1.59/€1.99
Blow Up The Outside World By Soundgarden £1.59/€1.99
Burden In My Hand By Soundgarden £1.59/€1.99
Fell On Black Days By Soundgarden £1.59/€1.99
Hands All Over By Soundgarden £1.59/€1.99
Hunted Down By Soundgarden £1.59/€1.99
My Wave By Soundgarden £1.59/€1.99
Outshined By Soundgarden £1.59/€1.99
Rusty Cage By Soundgarden £1.59/€1.99
Spoonman By Soundgarden £1.59/€1.99

With the content for the day done, next on the list is videos and viewing materials, which is of course headed by the latest FirstPlay Episode 030 which can be yours for £0.99/€1.20 and it is joined by the following list of trailers and such.
Dead Nations Upgrade Trailer
Buzz! The Ultimate Music quiz Trailer
Medal Of Honor Danger Close Trailer
Medal Of Honor Friends From Afar Trailer
Medal Of Honor Gunfighters Trailer
Medal Of Honor High Value Target Trailer
Nall’D Gamescom Trailer
Nall’D Enviroment Trailer
Nall’D Music Trailer

And if you thought this update was a decent size already, then hold onto your hats because when it comes to items to customise your console there is a huge load this week. The majority of it is new avatars to represent you on your profile from various games, along with a few themes and wallpapers. So if you are sitting comfortably, here comes the list.

Angry Tobin Kung Fu Rider Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Stunned Tobin Kung Fu Rider Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Smiling Tobin Kung Fu Rider Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Out Of Control Tobin Kung Fu Rider Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Office Chair Kung Fu Rider Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Loaded Trolley Kung Fu Rider Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Cute Kids Toy Kung Fu Rider Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Tobin Avatar Bundle 1 £1.19/€1.49
Abel Super Street Fighter IV Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Adon Super Street Fighter IV Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Balrog Super Street Fighter IV Avatar £0.20/€0.25
C. Viper Super Street Fighter IV Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Cammy Super Street Fighter IV Avatar £0.20/€0.25
E. Honda Super Street Fighter IV Avatar £0.20/€0.25
El Fuerte Super Street Fighter IV Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Fei Long Super Street Fighter IV Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Gen Super Street Fighter IV Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Gouken Super Street Fighter IV Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Guy Super Street Fighter IV Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Ibuki Super Street Fighter IV Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Juri Super Street Fighter IV Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Sagat Super Street Fighter IV Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Sakura Super Street Fighter IV Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Vega Super Street Fighter IV Avatar £0.20/€0.25
Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Avatar Pack 5 £0.79/€0.99
Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Avatar Pack 6 £0.79/€0.99
Northern Lights dynamic Theme £1.19/€1.49
Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Premium Theme £0.79/€0.99
Clown Premium Theme £1.19/€1.49
Creature Creations Collection 1 Premium Theme £1.19/€1.49
City Of The Dead Theme Free Download

With that we come to the end of yet another PSN Store update. I hope that whatever you are playing in the coming week, you have as much fun as I will be having while playing Force Unleashed II, my review of which will appear on the site over the coming weeks. Until next week’s update, I wish you all a great week and happy gaming.


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