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GGUK Meet Jedward For a Dragon Quest IX Day

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 15 - 2010

Dragon Quest IX adventures started on the 13th November at Covent Garden, East Piazza,London at an epic Dragon Quest IX event. Nintendo had erected a special Dragon Quest IX Medieval Village outside for Dragon Questers to come and play Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies on the Nintendo DS.


It was a delightful day for players to feel transported into the game. Gamers flocked outside and crowds gathered alongside the special village to participate in the special canvassing mode of the game. This multiplayer functionality allows players to share tools and treasures within their game through a wireless connection. The Japanese RPG game wasn’t the only thing drawing in the crowds, as X-Factor and Pop culture stars John and Edward Grimes aka Jedward made an appearance especially for the event.


The pop duo, or double trouble as I call them, headed upstairs briefly with GGUK sporting their new look, which consisted of bright red and blue punk style hairdo’s. As you can see from the photographs, aside from the rather bold colours of their hair, they were both sporting blue and green contact lenses which made their eyes really stand out. Although I only had a brief time with them, it was quite apparent that they were quite excited about the prospect of heading downstairs to their adorning fans. These two were full of energy and mischief.


The special village was kitted out with the famous inflatable blue slime which attracted a lot of attention as people started to queue up to admire the lovable form. Nintendo had also set up stands within the Dragon Quest tents where players could link up and embark on quests together.


This was also a good opportunity for players to download exciting new content, including an exclusive map with boss Nokturnus, helping you take your Dragon Quest gameplay to the next level.


Gamers at the event with a Nintendo DS and their own copy of the game had the chance to take John and Edward home with them inside their games as their characters were free to download. Newcomers to the game were helped out by expert ‘Celestrians’ on hand to guide people through each level. I kept thinking that on a cold November morning, they must have been frozen. They all kept smiling faces throughout though, even if they only did have a pair of angel wings keeping them warm.


A virtual Stornway Inn was set up for Jedward, which consisted on two thrones and a box of lovely Slime Stack plushies, Which were seriously cute.



The Slimes were given away throughout the day along with copies of the game as prizes. Players gamed for quite a while and were then submitted onto a Dragon Quest IX leaderboard. The finalist would take home a plushie Slime Stack and a copy of the Nintendo DS game signed by Jedward themselves.


The crowd was starting to fill up quite rapidly as John and Edward Grimes opened the Dragon Quest IX Medieval Village. Can you spot yourself in the crowd?. The boys started out with a brief and funny presentation as gamers flocked to the front of the stage. In the crowd, gamers waved their bright coloured Nintendo DS’s in the air while frantically screaming at Jedward.


The village itself was very magical as Nintendo had tried to fill each section with everything from Cruelcumber skittles and Slime stack placards, to barrels with Nintendo DS’s stacked on top.




Beautiful backgrounds were visible filled with the various enemy characters of the Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies world. Everywhere you looked you saw Dragon Quest merchandise and the famous Dragon Quest IX theme tune from the game could be heard all around the medieval village.

There seemed to be an incredibly good vibe coming from the event. Not only did people line up meet Jedward, some of the public were even dressed like the famous duo. GGUK are loving them funky hairstyles.


Walking throughout the tents you could see children connecting up to play the game on their Nintendo DS. You have to remember that this was a cold November morning and it was outside. The weather had been good to us that day, so we were lucky that everything remained dry. The Nintendo team were dressed up in their very own Dragon Quest IX gillets to keep them warm.


It was a good day as friends gathered to play on their own or team up together. Lots of laughs and fun was very much felt throughout the day. GGUK would like to take this opportunity to thank Nintendo for inviting us along to take part in this rather awesome Dragon Quest IX day.

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