Posted by GG Goblin On November - 12 - 2010

Fight your way through hell in this horror-themed 2D shooter for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

All manner of hellish denizens will have to be dealt with in this shooter from Rapid Turtle Games. Taking control of the main character, whose soul has been taken over by evil, the player will have a wealth of weapons at their fingertips, such as shotguns and  rocket launchers, along with medieval weaponry that fits in with the games’ vision of hell. There will also be powers available through the use of black magic, including the ability to possess monsters and use their abilities.

The main character’s monologue from the beginning of the game -

“Banished by this world and hunted by the evil, there is no place to hide for me. My days and nights were spent in the shadows hiding from both worlds, since I tasted the death and came back to live. The evil took my soul, but in return endowed me with a special gift – possession of dark powers. The unattractive appearance and the closeness with the evil power conspired against me, robbing me of everything valuable for this world. Bitter and alone, my desire to take vengeance on evil was stronger as time passed. I want to regain my soul and to return to my people. Let the revenge begin…”

Key Features

- Campaign game mode – lead the main protagonist through five stages of detailed story driven game play

- Survival game mode

- 4+ hours of gameplay for Campaign mode; unlimited for Survival mode

- 55 levels, 4 difficulty levels, great storyline

- 5 stages with unique graphics

- 11 kill skills: overkill, multi kill, chain kill, afterburn, carbonized, smash kill…

- 13 types of regular enemies

- 3 types of mini-bosses

- 5 unique bosses

- Professional in-game voices by John McCann

- Vehicles

- Humans fighting on the player’s side

- Control any monster with dark powers!

- Detailed player statistics

- OpenFeint leader boards and achievements (40+)

- Action Replay – record your gameplay and watch it later! Watch how you have defeated the boss, completed a level etc.

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