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Kinect Sports Review

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 18 - 2010

If you’ve got your Kinect all set up and you fancy a bit of a sports workout then welcome to Kinect Sports. Kinect Sports offers you a series of sporting games which include Soccer, Bowling, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Table Tennis and Track and Field. All aimed to get you into a level of fitness with a bit a of fun thrown in for added entertainment. Remember that your body is the controller, so using the on screen pointer with your hand, make the selections by hovering over the sports game you wish to participate in.

The game is set out in three game modes. The main event allows players to choose a specific sport to play either alone or with a friend. This can be in the same room or over Xbox Live. The Party Play suits a large audience of players together in the same room and is packed with action from all the events. The Mini Games mode allows players to take part in variations of the main events, such as time trials and survival matches and this is playable by up to four people.

Don’t worry if you’re bit nervous playing the sports games as each sport gives you a small tutorial and explanation on how to play along with video tutorials. Kinect records your footage from each sport level and you have the option to hide your video or upload it to kinectshare.com to share with friends. These videos can be used on popular social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. I’ve not yet uploaded any of my film footage due to the sheer embarrassment of flapping my arms and waving my legs around like a lunatic. In the event that you don’t want to relive these sporting videos, you can easily turn off the highlights reel by selecting hide highlights. Let it be known that when I first tried this game out, I didn’t even know it recorded you, so watching the video was quite entertaining.



First game I tried was Soccer. The gameplay is simple as you have to pass the ball and kick it past the goal keeper at Lotus Park. Although don’t leave it too long to take your shot as you’ll be tackled. When you make it to the goal, kick it to take your shot. Although this was relatively easy, I did find that the sensor didn’t always pick up where I was kicking the ball. It was fun, but could be frustrating at times. The game also allows you to begin defending and this is where you step into the ball’s path to block a pass. So basically it means a great deal of waving your hands in the air to defend the goal.


Neon Lanes takes you to the cutting edge of bowling venues, giving you the ultimate bowling experience. Players stand at the front of the bowling lane and reaching out to the left or right to pick up the bowling ball. Swinging your arm back and forward releases the ball in a smooth controlled motion, changing the direction of your swing influences where the ball travels. The whole bowling experience was a pleasant one for me as I managed to get many strikes. You can add spin by bringing your arm across your body as you release the ball. Bowling seemed relatively easy and it seemed very responsive. A few times my ball strayed off the lane, so it take a little practice.


Imagine hot weather and you can picture yourself at Waveside. This is the place to get the rhythm, passing, spiking and blocking of that volleyball, to give you a fun filled volleyball game, or so I thought. Players throw the ball up and then deliver an overhand, underhand or jumping hit to aim it over the net. You’re supposed to jump when you see the jump indicator in order to jump and spike it, Using arm movements to show the direction of your throw. As much as I would love to say this game was responsive, I did find it lacking in accuracy. Many times I had jumped up and try to slam it with my knees quite high, only for the game to say I wasn’t high enough. Very frustrating. Maybe with a little more concentration and red bull I can properly pop that ball over the net.


Time for you to do some boxing at Tornado Gardens. I’m not built like Mile Tyson and certainly don’t have his boxing skills, but I thought I would give it my best shot. Armed with my trusty boxing gloves, I used a combination of offense and defense punches on my opponent. If you ever wanted to burn off some aggression, then this is the game to try out. You can cover your face or torso with your hands to block, but I just slammed my punches into his face and I don’t think he stood a chance in hell. I was packing them blows to the face like no tomorrow. If you do get knocked down, you’re suppose to punch all the stars overhead to get back to your feet and you have to do all of this before the count reaches ten.

At the Blade Center players can play table tennis. You begin by starting at opposite ends of the table. Moving your arm left or right to choose your paddle. Then comes the funny bit of the game, you have to throw up your imaginary ping pong ball and serve. This proved to be difficult at first because when I first tried to throw it, it just stuck to my hand. There’s a knack to serving, so it may take some a little while. To direct shots you simply swing to the left or right as you try and return your opponents ball. Swinging fast is crucial to this game as a faster swing allows for a better power shot over the net. This game was really great fun and I’m often reminded of Rockstar Table Tennis on Wii, only more responsive.

Take a trip to Flame Stadium for the first in five events in this sport. The first sport is sprint, so eat your heart out Paula Radcliffe, I was going for this run in a big way. Using a highly energetic running pace, and I use that term loosely mainly because you really do have to run quite quickly to make any reasonable time and for some reason, graphically on screen, my legs went bendy, which was funny and strange. I think you need a great deal of stamina and to be able to raise your knees quite a height for the sensor to react. Although this would depend on how much room you have for your Kinect set up. The second sport was Javelin where you have to grab a javelin, run and throw it when you land in the green zone. Personally I found this responsive sometimes and other times not so great. My javelin went some great distances, while other times it didn’t go further than a foot or two. The third sport I tried out was Discus. Players simply pick up the discus and then using a powerful throwing motion to launch it from the standing position. Seems easy doesn’t it?. Not quite, it took a few attempts to get it to head anywhere vaguely decent. Again, maybe with more practice I can get that sport down to a fine art.

Party mode is derived from all six sports and choosen at random by the sports spinner. You can divide into two teams, red and blue. Each party roughly lasts fifteen minutes and takes place over six rounds. In theory this is no limit to the number of people who can get involved.


Overall, this is the first sports game for Kinect that I’ve actually enjoyed, although I’m not sure what the longevity would be like over time. Using the Kinect definitely made the game more interesting and it’s surely going to appeal to those who like sports challenge games. The party mode is great if you all want to team up together for a bit of a laugh and a giggle. The game does offer playing against the computer, which is fairly easy, if you don’t have anyone to play with at the time. In general, Kinect Sports gives a good balanced mixture of sports games with mini games giving you a combination of all the sports. I would recommend this sports game as an ideal buy for sports fanatics or people looking for a sports based party game.



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