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My Kinect Adventure

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 11 - 2010

It all started with a dead Xbox360. This was the second RROD that the machine had suffered. I had obviously not fixed it properly the first time around. Still, thems the breaks, as they say, and the console had lasted well, being in our possession pretty much since launch.

Only days earlier we had put in our pre-order for Kinect, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to upgrade and order the new Xbox360 250GB Kinect package. At £299 it was a £30 saving over buying the two items separately. The only thing that we would lose out on was the Kinect power cable, as the new Xbox has a dedicated socket for Kinect. This means that we wouldn’t be able to use Kinect with one of he older Xboxs, but that’s no biggie.


Being the crazy person I am, I decided to make the trek to our local Game to pick up the bundle at the midnight launch.

I don’t really know what I was expecting from a local midnight launch, but let me tell you it was nothing like the mass partying that was going on in London. In London they had an Ice Skating rink, Leona Lewis and general frivolity. In my local Game store they had Kinect setup on a 14″ portable TV, handed out raffle tickets to designate the place in the queue and the worlds most unimpressive countdown. Watching the people milling around in the store was funny, as there was a circle of emptiness around the Kinect system, as if everyone was slightly afraid of it. I must admit I gave it a wide berth.

Being number seven in the haphazard queue, or number 485 according to my raffle ticket, it took around 15 minutes to get served. I then ran from the store, clutching my treasure and made my way back through the dark and deserted streets to my car.

On arriving home, I rapidly unpacked all of the goodies. The first thing that struck me was how good the new Xbox360 looked with its shiny finish. I was impressed. Along with the console came the Kinect unit and Kinect Adventures, a black controller, a Xbox Live headset and an assortment of cables. I did notice that there was no HDMI cable in the package, which I expected, or a component HD AV cable, which did actually shock me. It was almost as if the technology of the Xbox360 had actually advanced, yet the supplied cables had gone back in time, coming with only a Composite AV cable. Luckily I still had the HD cable from the old Xbox, so I used that as they are fully compatible.


Now began the slow process of transferring all of my stuff from the old Xbox HDD to the new one. I have decided, since I can only find a 2GB USB memory stick, to just re-download all of the games and DLC and then just copy over the profiles and game saves. This would all have been a lot quicker and easier, had I just forked out for the data transfer cable. But a. I am a cheapskate and b. I cannot justify paying out £15 for a cable that I will use only once.

So here I am , staring at my new hardware whilst waiting for the 35GB or so to download. Once that is done, I will have a look at Kinect.

Our review of Kinect, and the 9 launch titles that we have, will be appearing on the site in coming weeks. Check back to see what we made of Kinect and how well it works in our rather small living room.


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  1. furyac3 Said,

    Its alway a sad thing to see a RROD ( but after you have seen 8 different 360s do it, it quickly becomes fact of xbox life lol)

    but great to see you back up and running ! good times !

    Posted on November 11th, 2010 at 7:46 pm

Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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