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Söderlund on Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 8 - 2010

While Lamborghini’s and Porsche were working the two mile test track, I had the opportunity to chat with Patrick Söderlund, Senior Vice President of EA Games Europe. Patrick Söderlund also did a small presentation giving us some insight into the Need For Speed Hot Pursuit game.


How much of the game did you bring with you from the Burnout series?

I would say, talking to Alex and Fiona, there’s obviously a lot of inspiration that’s been taken from Burnout and learning from the Burnout series in general. I think it is important to point out this is a need for Speed game, not a Burnout Game. You can recognize some bits and pieces from Burnout, but in general it’s a new take for Need For Speed, almost going back to roots Need For Speed Game, so I would say some inspiration, but mainly they tried to make a new type of Need For Speed Game.

Police don’t usually have such high performance pursuit vehicles, what made you decide to provide such impressive cop cars?

There are two things. There actually some police forces in the world that drive these kinds of cars. So the Lamborghini is driven by the Italian police force, the Belgium guys have it and Switzerland too. They are real police cars that actually look like this, which is so weird. We did some research online and we found those cars, then we knew we had to do this. Obviously there’s only Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari police cars. Not all the cars we have are police cars, but ultimately for us to make a fun game and to use that concept, we thought, let’s do it all full blown and put the crazy cars as police cars. It was more like staying true to some reality, but make this a fun game, that’s why we did it.

Where did the inspiration for SeaCrest County come from?

I think the inspiration comes from, if you talk to the Criterion people, when they presented Sea County to me, they had a big map and put it up on the wall. They had looked at various types of road movies from which they had inspiration from such as Thelma & Louise and other road movies that go around the US, the coastal areas; they went up into the mountains. They wanted to create a world that had these long beautiful roads, but still felt that there was a lot of variation to it. So when you drive around in SeaCrest County, you’ll go around the ocean line, which is California which has a type of palm tree and that kind of stuff and beaches. Then you can go up all the mountains, which are snowy and you’ll see the ski lifts and that kind of stuff. So there is a beautiful variety, there are deserts and rocky parts, greener parts, forest areas. So the intent was let’s build a world that is huge, it’s 4 or 5 times bigger than what we had in Paradise, which is big in itself and then put different eco-systems inside that world that make the player feel like he’s gaming from one level to another level and that the game can completely feel different as you play it and then add to that the night and daytime cycles, weather and you have a very big variance in what game you’ll be playing. There’s denser areas where there is a bit more of a town area, the forest area which has its big lush trees. It’s a pretty cool world actually.


Will we be seeing DLC? New car packs or new areas in which to drive?

All of the above..[laughs]

Autolog constantly updates the player to the achievements of their friends, any plans to extend this further with an iPhone app that will update players even whilst they are away from the console?


We would like to take this opportunity to thank EA games and Patrick Söderlund for their time.

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